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How to get a red carpet hairdo.

Byline: Julie Hannah

LAUREN SAID: I love how this style looks so soft and natural. It would be easy to do at home., because you don't have to be too precise with it. It's meant to be a little bit messy, so if a few curls fell out, it would still look great.

WE'RE in the midst of Hollywood awards season, the time of year when the A-list wow us with their most glamorous looks.

Between the Critics' Choice Awards, The Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, we've seen some show-stopping looks this year, but the biggie is still to come, when the Oscars come to town on February 22.

Rarely do celebs appear with a hair out of place, and their glam up-dos and flowing locks are always picture perfect.

We asked the experts at Rainbow Room International, who have the inside track on celebrity hairdos, to transform three readers' limp locks into creations worthy of the red carpet.

Emily Di Ciacca, 32, is an estate agent from Glasgow A number of stars have recently chopped their long hair into bobs but if you want to try this look without taking the plunge, this simple style is ideal.

It's a nice way of mixing it up and doing a short look.

This works best on long, layered hair.

1. Use a curling wand to create loose waves and back comb the roots of your hair.

2. Sprinkle a mattifying powder in the roots, to give extra hold.

3. Leaving the top layer of hair loose, divide the hair into four sections, and wrap loosely inwards around your hand. Pin each section at the root, using kirby grips.

4. Comb your top layer down over the curled sections, to create the bob effect.

5. Finally, use a strong hold spray to keep everything in place. You'll have the style without the chop.

BOB'S YER UNCLE Sienna Miller HOLLYWOOD WAVES Sarah Croke, 24, is a waitress from Glasgow This look is inspired by Reese Witherspoon and countless other famous faces.

It's one of the most popular looks this season because it's so natural and easy to wear.

This is classic, soft Hollywood waves that almost looks undone. However, prepping the hair is essential to perfect the super-smooth look. Here's how you do it:

1. Part your hair deeper than you normally would, to one side.

2. Split hair into thin sections and tong with a wide barrel tong. As with the up-do style, pin curls under and allow them to cool.

3. Remove pins and brush out with a big paddle brush. 4. Backcomb roots to give as much lift as you can, then smooth over again.

5. Pin one side with kirby grips behind the ear to keep any stray tendrils away from your face.

NATURAL UP DO Lauren Murray, 28, is a full-time mum from Glasgow The trend is for hair that looks almost undone but this is a glamorous way to wear it.

Lauren I love how looks so natural. easy to because have to with it. a little bit few curls would LAUREN I love how looks so natural. easy to because have to with it. a little bit few curls would It works with different face shapes, as you can add volume at the crown, sides, or leave tendrils loose to frame the face. 1. Curl sections with tongs. While warm, curl round fingers and use a kirby grip to pin curl loosely to roots. Leave to cool. Brush out into waves. 2. Tong the front section backwards, away from your face. 3. Pull hair into a loose side ponytail, leaving top section and sides loose. Pin curls up into base of the ponytail, to create a soft, full effect. 4. Backcomb the crown and sides around face to create volume. Smooth surface with a soft brush, pinning loosely towards the back of your head. 5. Use a strong hairspray and a spritz of shine spray to finish.

NATURAL Jennifer Lawrence WAVES Reese Witherspoon


EMILY SAID: I wouldn't want to get my hair cut into a bob but this is a fun way to try something a bit different. It's nice for a change, and I think I could do this style myself at home.
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