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How to date like you've just met; Sex up your relationshipBy Fred Sirieix of TV's; First Dates.


Valentine's Day is just five days away but what if you're feeling lacklustre in love?

Most people who are in longterm relationships understand the feeling of losing touch with their significant other.

In the UK, three million people say they are under strain in their relationships, according to Relate.

And a third of married men and women who split say the reason for their divorce was just "growing apart".

According to a UCL study, the most common reason for a marriage breaking down is the couple having problems with communication.

But according to French love guru Fred Sirieix, the charming maitre d' in Channel 4's First Dates, there are plenty of ways you can keep a long-term relationship on track.

Fred gives Sunday Mirror readers some tips on how to maintain the spark:

Go out every week

At the beginning of a relationship, dates are the norm. But going out all the time is not sustainable, and eventually you've swapped swanky restaurants for nights on the sofa.

But Fred says one night each week should be a dedicated "date night".

He says: "Having a date night a week is always a good idea - whether it's going out for something to eat or just popping out to the pub for a pint, going to a restaurant or even going for a stroll.

"Finding some 'us' time once a week, away from all the stresses of life, is vital."

Be thoughtful

Fred says an important way to keep that romantic connection in your relationship is to surprise your partner.

"I just bought some flowers for my own partner," he says.

"I put them on Instagram and captioned them that they were flowers for her, so she saw them once on social media and then when she got home.

"When she saw them, she called me straightaway - she got the pleasure twice!"

He says if you do little things like that, you are likely to get the magic back.

Move first

Fred says he feels one of the main mistakes we make in relationships is waiting for the other person to make the first move or take responsibility if something is going wrong.

He suggests th atbeing the first to communicate a problem, along with a suggested solution, is best for both parties. "It's about responsibility - and making the first step," he says.

"Show that you care, show you love them. Give it first and give it with generosity."

Keep connected

Just taking two minutes out of your day to send your partner a loving text could help to create a far more connected love.

He suggests: "You can go and meet your partner at work for lunch, go with them to the train station if you can, surprise them with a coffee, meet them for a walk."

He adds: "Send them a text at work - 'I miss you and I'm looking forward to seeing you tonight'."

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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 9, 2020
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