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How to create a focal point; Gardening.

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IT is a great idea to have a thoughtful plan drawn up for arranging colourful and interesting plants in your garden.

But it must have a focal point to draw and direct the eye. Without that, your creativity may become lost in confusion and clutter.

Attention grabber

Focal points should be the most striking features in your garden and positioned so that your eye sweeps along and is rewarded by something special to ponder over.

An ornament will do the trick but it must compliment your garden style and be in scale with its surrounding to be effective. Not too small or too large.

Draw the eye

Consider placing a statue or urn on some sort of pedestal and give it a prime spot against a backdrop of greenery at the end of a line of sight.

Doing this will entice you to walk the full length of the path to examine its intricate detail up close.

Flowerbed feature

Each garden flowerbed should also have its own focal point. This can be a tall plant or a specimen with vibrant coloured foliage or flowers such as Canna Tropicanna with its tropical-looking variegated leaves and orange flowers or a large architectural plant like a tree fern.


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Date:May 26, 2019
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