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How to buy computer services.

Great effort, time and money has been put into selecting just the right copywriter, graphic artist, list(s), package format and timing for your direct mail program.

The data processing services that tie the process all together can make or break the effectiveness of your mailing.

There are many key points to consider when planning and requesting your data processing services.

Going through this checklist with your data processing service company prior to placing the order will save massive headaches, anxiety (on both sides!) and ensure that your data processing dollars are being spent wisely - and that your mailing is being handled per the latest in technology and expertise!

It is a daily effort in communication and exchange of information that ensures that data processing orders are properly processed, most cost efficiently and on time.

In order for even your most competent data processing shop to maximize the fulfillment of your order, various specific information exchanges are required.

The checklist here will be helpful to both you and your data processing shop to determine the specific and exact requirements of your order. More importantly, your service company should be able to flag, in advance, any possible problem areas before your mailing is produced.

KATHY DIMOND is president of Dimond Services Inc., Fairfax, VA. Call Dimond at (703) 385-1188 for more information on data processing.

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Title Annotation:data processing
Author:Dimond, Kathy
Publication:Target Marketing
Date:Feb 1, 1995
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