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How to become dementia friendly: Quick tips for organisations and businesses.

One third of people with dementia do not feel part of their community

Nearly half of people with dementia feel that their local area help them to live well with dementia

We can all play a part in enabling people with dementia to live well wherever they are.

For businesses as a whole

Your business can also take further action to help those affected by dementia.

Raise awareness of dementia

* Encourage your employees to become Dementia Friends to learn more about dementia, or become a Champion to deliver information sessions in your area:

* Start conversations about dementia

* In your community, with your employees and customers. As 40,000 people under 65 develop dementia every year, this could include members of your staff.

We have practical tips to support people with dementia in the workplace too:

Make your organisation accessible

* Ensure any signage is clear and people can find what they

* want easily. Think about whether your services could be adapted for people in their own homes.

* Connect with other businesses in the community

* Link up with others working ho become dementia friendly, for example, by joining a Local Dementia Action Alliance:

Tips for customer facing staff

There are simple ways you can help people with dementia. Offer reassurance and understanding

* Put someone experiencing difficulties at ease.

* Communicate clearly

* Listen carefully and use simple, short sentences when speaking to someone with dementia.

* Be aware of the surroundings

* Noisy or busy environments can make people with dementia uneasy or add to their confusion. Consider how features of your environment may affect someone.

Offer practical support

* Be prepared to assist someone if they are finding certain activities difficult.

* Offer alternative options

* For example if someone can't remember their PIN allow them to sign for purchases.

For more information read our guide, How to help people with dementia: A guide for customer--facing staff:

Every person with dementia is different.

Dementia can affect:

* memory

* communication

* orientation even in familiar surroundings

* the ability to carry out everyday tasks

* sight and vision

* emotional response.

Find out more about how you can join the growing number of organisations and businesses working to become dementia friendly: communities For more information and support, call the National Dementia Helpline on: 0300 222 1121

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