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How to beat the hum-drum.

How to beat the hum-drum

Next time the world weighs heavily on your shoulders and life seems tiresome and colorless, try a light-hearted approach. With a little imagination, you can escape the "hum-drum." Try these whimsical suggestions for breaking with everyday routine: . Buy a new hat. Pick a style that's new to you - an elegant fedora, a zany stocking cap, a tennis hat or a baseball cap. . Start a stamp collection. Go around the world with 80 stamps. . Sip some sassafras tea. . Doodle to your heart's content. . Tell a ladybug: "Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly away home. Your house is on fire, And your children do roam." . Gather a nosegay for someone you love. . Make some muffins; pop a popover. . Go fly a kite. . Make some applesauce. Or an apple pie. . Grow some peculiar plants. Some fun ones to try: polka dot plant, sensitive plant, money plant, Venus's fly-trap, hen and chicks, seedless watermelon. . Meander through a meadow, or cavort through the clover. (Pick a four-leaf clover for some good luck.) . Have pizza for breakfast! . Check out the first page of the encyclopedia and see what an aardvark looks like. . Take the time to dawdle, daydream and putter

about. . Send a postcard to a friend signed "Your secret pal." . Surprise someone. . Learn to play the harmonica!

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Author:Hawk, Richard L.
Publication:Arthritis Today
Date:Jan 1, 1989
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