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How to achieve structural transformation in developing economies? - with C. Peter Timmer.

27 January 2015

In this interview C. Peter Timmer, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University, reflects on the conditions of possibility of structural transformation in developing countries, particularly in Africa. He argues that structural transformation can only be successful if a concurrent agricultural and dietary transformation takes place and discusses what the challenges are in different developing country context.

Timmer gave the WIDER Annual Lecture 18 in October 2014 at the UN in New York.

Food security and structural transformation - an interview with C. Peter Timmer

In this second interview C. Peter Timmer, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University, discusses food security and it's relationship to the wider structural transformation of developing economies. The role of supermarkets, bio-fuels, and cities are examined with relation to the future of food systems in Asia and Africa.

For more interviews, see UNU-WIDER channel on Youtube.

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Author:Williamson, Roger
Publication:WIDER Angle
Date:Jan 1, 2015
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