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How to Stay Well Without Pain.


Folk wisdom is no longer regarded with feigned tolerance by practitioners of modern medical technology. Science has caught up with remedies that have been passed down through the centuries. Many are effective, but if not always pertinent, at least they're not harmful.

The husband and wife team who produced this important work bring their experience as journalist and nutritionist to establish an excellent guide into the world of natural healing. Their conception of healing is based on the assumption that all pain is caused by a disturbance to the circulatory system, the overfilled veins and arteries that exert pressure upon the nerves.

Among the useful ideas for assuaging pain, the authors highlight the use of water. Its application, either hot or cold, can help overcome insomnia, neck pain, and many muscular inflammations. Included in the therapies also are heat, oxygen, poultices, vibrations, pressure, hypnosis and mental diversion (not concentrating upon pain).

The lowly ice cube is raised in new esteem in this modest volume. It can be used to relieve backaches, reduce the swelling of burns, relieve bleeding, resuscitate a fainting victim, and help to prevent infection. The Yallers say that cold keeps germs dormant.

In the matter of using tranquilizers, the authors point out that natural tranquilizers can be found among vitamins and minerals. The use of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and L-tryptophan is highly recommended.

Lecithin is noted to be helpful in overcoming nervous exhaustion, choline in helping to overcome forgetfulness, valerian root to alleviate sleeplessness, and the herb scullcap to soothe nerves.
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
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Date:Sep 22, 1989
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