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How to Plant Patio Pots; Gardening.

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CREATE a riot of colour this summer with the brightest blooms and foliage that stands out. Try Japanese basil, perilla, which is a relative of mint and basil. Its gorgeous crinkly green or purple leaves make it popular for summer bedding and patio pots.

Top performers

Choose tried-and-tested plants that are known for their outstanding performance, reliability and long flowering season in containers.

Zonal and ivy-leaved pelargoniums, argyranthemum, verbena, scaevola, gazania and osteospermum do best in full sun. Fuchsias, petunias and New Guinea busy Lizzies thrive in shade.

Be adventurous

Pick a colour scheme. Flowers in pastel shades of pink, lilac and purple are popular but for something bolder, team red, orange and yellow blooms.

For a cooler look, try green, cream and white or blue, silver and grey.

Size and shape

Choose plants with contrasting flower shapes and sizes.

You could go for one daisy shape, one small frothy filler flower and a dangling earring-style fuchsia, trumpet-shaped petunia or pouch-shaped calceolaria. Check out new varieties too, such as Starburst Chiffon hibiscus, which is great for tubs where it can bring the wow factor to any outdoor space right through to the frosts.

Pack them in

Do not economise on plants - buy enough to fill each container completely as you need to plant pot thick - with root balls touching when the plants are positioned - to make the best display.

Water them thoroughly the day before you intend planting them.


BIRDERS often say when birds soar high, skies will be clear and great for gardening but when they crowd together on phone lines or, in the case of gulls, walk the streets in gangs, the weather is set to turn out bad.

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