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How to Negotiate Like a Child.

How to Negotiate Like a Child


Bill Adler, Jr.

Unleash the little monster within! Ever wonder why your eight-year-old has little or no trouble fandangling five more minutes before bedtime, but you can't get the most out of your suppliers? This book will show you all of the tricks of the trade used by some of the best negotiators in the world--our kids. Between these covers, you'll learn how to throw a tantrum, play one side against the other, let the other guy think he has won, procrastinate, win through sympathy, be disarmingly honest, call in backup (ie., My dad can beat up your dad), pretend you don't hear what they are saying, and the penultimate classic, take your ball and go home. The tongue-in-cheek book will help you negotiate anything from a million-dollar deal to a better seat on an airplane--even Microsoft boss Bill Gates and Disney's Michael Eisner have been known to throw a fit at an opportune time. Cover art courtesy Raincoast Books.
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Title Annotation:How to Negotiate Like a Child: Unleash the Little Monster Within to Get Everything You Want book by Bill Adler. Jr.
Publication:Northern Ontario Business
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Date:Nov 1, 2005
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