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How to Make Hiring A Success.

One of the toughest jobs a manager has these days is finding good, quality people to work at their communities. In spite of all the recent layoffs, it is still quite an undertaking to find new employees. Here's how some smart industry (and nonindustry) folks are doing it.

Create a "Hiring Web Site"

Take a look at www.jpijobs. com. It looks like the folks at JPI are developing more than just high quality apartment homes. This site is an excellent recruiting tool and is extremely user friendly. Interested applicants don't even need a resume--they simply fill out an online profile indicating their areas of interest and geographic preferences. As if that weren't easy enough, candidates don't need to keep checking back with the Web site if they don't want to. JPI will e-mail the jobs to them. Worried about the corporate culture? Click on "our culture" and you'll learn that JPI is focused on education, internal promotion and recognition.

Another company outside of our industry whose Web site is also a great recruiting tool is Cisco Systems. Although they may not be in the hiring mode right now, their Web site is similar to the JPI Web site in ease of use (no resumes required here, either). They, too, will e-mail you jobs that fit your profile as they become available. They take the "culture" aspect a bit further than JPI, by matching you via e-mail with a Cisco employee in a position similar to one that you are qualified for. Cisco believes this virtual buddy system provides the would-be employee with a great sounding board for all Cisco-related questions.

Pay Bounties

Several companies nowadays are paying referral fees to employees who bring them new hires. Fees can range from a low of $50, to several hundred dollars. Other companies, such as the Bozzuto Group in Greenbelt, Md., encourage family members to work for their companies. Their belief is that a family that has provided them with one great employee probably has another family member or two that would be equally great working for them.

Quit Looking for Experienced People for Every Position

This not only limits your pool of available candidates, it's not always necessary to have previous onsite experience. While some positions, such as that of a site manager, are probably best filled by individuals with property management experience, other positions, such as porters, leasing, entry level maintenance, housekeeping, administrative and concierge require something more important than experience: niceness. As one District Manager so aptly put it, "You can teach people how to lease, run a computer, clean an apartment--even to do basic maintenance. But you can't teach people how to like people."

Design a "Recruiting Card"

JetBlue, a new airline based in New York, has developed a recruiting card that has been extremely successful. It says, "You seem to have managed this job. Now, how about a career?" JetBlue management team members use the cards whenever they spot someone who has that "JetBlue" potential for offering great customer service.

Using any combination of these methods should help make the hiring process beneficial for both you and your company.

Lisa Trosien is an author, educator and consultant with more than 20 years of industry experience, as well as an expert on targeted uses of the Internet for all facets of the multifamily housing industry. She is a frequent presenter for the National Apartment Association and has served on the Units Editorial Advisory Board.
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Date:Jun 1, 2001
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