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How to Identify Prints.

How to Identify Prints

Bamber Gascoigne. New York, NY: Thames and Hudson, Inc. Ever wonder about the various printmaking processes? Is a particular print a woodcut, an aquatint or a lithograph? Is it an original stipple engraving or possibly a photoxylograph? The answers, along with a unique "Sherlock Homes" approach to the identification and categorization of prints, are to be found in this engaging compilation of information about every printmaking process one could possibly explore, uncover or imagine.

The book's 271 illustrations, 39 in color, include enlarged details showing the different appearance of various techniques under strong magnification -- some up to 30 times. A Glossary-Index provides brief definitions of a wide range of terms, and serves as a guide to the book. The sub-title, "A complete guide to manual and mechanical processes from woodcut to ink jet," truthfully indicates the scope of this resource. Strongly recommended.
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Author:Baker, David
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Date:Nov 1, 1989
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