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How to Be a Successful Security Consultant.

How to Be a Successful Security Consultant. By Steve Keller, CPP, Dennis Dalton, PhD, and Ray Chambers, CPP; released by Horizon Institute Inc., 904789-6740, in association with the International Association of Professional Security Consultant; videotape, VHS format; $95.99.

This video is intended for home study by individuals who want to be security consultants. It is a convenient for study at the viewer's own pace. A workbook is included, as well as an invitation to contact any of the authors if questions arise.

The program is produced in an easy-to-follow style hosted by Keller, who discusses aspects of security consulting with Dalton and Chambers. The living rooms setting is relaxing and gives the viewer a comfortable feeling of intimacy. Simple but effective graphics are used at the end of each segment to reinforce the points made. These divisions are natural stopping points should the viewer not wish to watch the tape straight through.

The essential questions answered by the authors are, "What is a security consultant and how do you become one?" Following guidelines established by the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC), they tell just who is, or isn't, a professional security consultant.

The authors also explore realistic expectations concerning billing, costs, and time to establish a viable practice. They are not overly negative, but they do tell it like it is; establishing a consulting practice is not an easy road to fame and fortune.

For those still hopeful about becoming consultants, the authors discuss how to ease into the profession and provide tips on establishing the practice. The viewer need not be overly concerned with taking notes, since the workbook includes most of the points made.

With topics such as "Start-up Checklist" and "What Do I Want from Consulting?" the authors five step-by-step insight into their prescription for successful consulting.

Detailed information is provided on writing proposals and reports. In addition, the authors discuss aspects of marketing, and advertising. Finally, resources are suggested for more research.

The one criticism I have of How to Be a Successful Security Consultant is that the authors were too upbeat. I think a stronger point should have been made that to be a security consultant you must have some depth of experience, either as a generalist or in some specialized niche.

I found the information interesting and easy to digest. The video was much easier to follow than most written security texts. The workbook followed closely and complemented the video discussion.

I highly recommend this video to any established security professional who aspires to become a part- or full-time consultant
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Author:Jenkins, C. Gordon
Publication:Security Management
Article Type:Video Recording Review
Date:May 1, 1992
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