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How the sky people came to earth.

A long time ago, there were millions of sky people who lived in the stars. Sun, Moon, and the earth were the same size then, but there was nothing on the earth.

The sky people wanted to live on earth. But if they did, there would be no one to light the candles in the stars. So they had a meeting and decided to ask Sun what they should do. She was busy and said to ask Moon. He was busy, too, and sent them back to Sun.

Then one of the sky people, a little boy, stood up. "What if we borrowed a little light from Sun and a little light from Moon?" he asked.

Everyone agreed. They asked Sun and Moon, and they said yes, too. So they took the light and put it in each house so that the houses would shine. Then they jumped out of the sky and lived on earth forever.
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Title Annotation:short story
Author:Loomis, Jennifer
Publication:Jack & Jill
Date:Jun 1, 1995
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