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How one man was able to 'up-swap' a jar of cooking fat for a new car; Lester Hughes, 48, from Pwllheli in Wales, was sick of seeing 'like and share' competitions on Facebook so he started one of his own.

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A dad-of-two was able to trade a jar of fat for a newcarthanks to a series of 'up-swaps'.

Tired of seeing the large number ofFacebook"like and share" competitions, Lester Hughes, 48, decided to launch a competition of his own.

He created his own spoof competition, where one lucky entrant would win a jar of fat, reportsthe Daily Post.

"I like the idea of stuff outside the scope of money," said Lester from Pwllheli, Wales.

"We live in a consumer driven society and we are always being told by advertisers to buy more and spend more. People have so much stuff.

"I for one have a cellar full of bits and pieces that I never use. Instead of going out and buying things, I like the idea of swapping what you don't need for something you might.

"I kept seeing all of these Facebook posts that say if you share them you could win a house or a car, and to me they all seemed like big scams.

"So, I sat and thought 'what's the weirdest thing I could do with one of these like and share competitions'.

And I spotted the jar of fat.

"For a week I offered it as a prize on a Facebook post, and by the end of the week it had loads of responses, everyone thought it was funny.

"I thought, the next jar of fat I make, I will offer it up for a swap on Facebook, see what comes of it and carry on swapping as a social media project. So a few months later, I did."

The experiment proved to be a success. Starting with the single jar of fat, which contained bacon, sausage and Christmas Turkey dripping, over the course of 18 months Lester has managed to "swap up" a number of items and creations.

"It's now gone from this jar of fat all the way up to a car at this moment in time.

"So far it's been mostly local, but I'm hoping now it will go bigger.

"I traded a van for a car, and it will have a 12 month MOT by next week then it will be ready for swap. It's a red car, a Ford Mondeo.

"Usually I host a swap competition for a week, and the strangest or most interesting offer wins the swap. Because the car is such a big thing to swap, I'll be open to offers for a month to give everyone the chance to check their cellars, check their sheds and see what they've got hidden away.

"Lester says there are no restrictions surrounding the swap and people can offer "anything they want", with the weirdest item winning the car.

"The only rule is that the winning swapper has to have their photo taken, to prove they're a real person and a real swap.

"It's not about the money value either. If someone was really in need of a car but they had something that I thought was really interesting, I would do the deal anyway, regardless of monetary value.

"With cold, hard cash you're looking for what you can make from other people but with this it flips it on its head and it's more about how you can help each other out.

"Hands down the strangest thing I've been offered so far for swap was a pouch of breastmilk. I thought it best I turn that one down.

"But I swapped the initial jar of fat for a bag of hair, which i later turned into hair bricks, so you can see the scope of swaps involved!

"Every single swap has been so amazing an unique, it's just been fun the whole 18 months. I want to bring things gathering dust in sheds back into circulation.

"Once the car has been swapped, I will continue and it will carry on indefinitely. Until maybe we get a house, a block of flats, a beach? Who knows.

"If I can turn it from a jar of fat into a car in 18 months, who knows what the next 18 months will bring."

The swap journey


Lester Hughes started off with a jar of ordinary fat

The jar of fat which started it all

Lester managed to get his hands on a van thanks to his swapping skills

Lester wants to swap the car - once it has had its MOT
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Date:Jun 18, 2018
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