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How not to rely on luck.

An odd slogan, but one that takes an altogether new meaning when applied to navigation and the location of one's partner. The slogan belongs to the Finnish company Suunto, which develops and markets high-precision dive computers, field compasses, specialty precision instruments, marine compasses and wrist-top computers--which the company labels the "next generation military watch". The M9 is a multi-purpose instrument that measures mission critical data and incorporates an altimeter, barometer, compass, inclinometer, chronometer, stopwatch, heart rate monitor, thermometer (for ambient temperature) and a GPS. The M9 features navigation support, guidance to waypoints, find home function, tracking of travelled route, distance and speed measurement, post-activity analysis, route plotting--the features are almost to numerous to list. The watch can be connected to a personal computer for route visualisation and tracking on ARCS marine charts--then that data can be uploaded into the watch and the route followed with pinpoint accuracy. This information can be shared with other combat managers and colleagues via the Suunto Internet community. A more comprehensive list of the instrument's features follows:

* Time: calendar, three alarms, dual time, stopwatch, GPS time synchronisation

* Barometer: absolute barometric pressure, last six hour weather trend graph, temperature, 48-hour memory, weather alarm

* 3D Compass: tilt compensated, bearing, bearing tracking, bearing to waypoint

* GPS: speed, heading, distance, GPS navigation data

* Navigation: 50 routes, 500 waypoints, guidance to waypoints

* Rechargeable battery

* PC interface software and cable

* Full access to

* Red backlight to protect night vision.
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Date:Aug 1, 2004
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