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How night will pan out.

10PM: Polls close after 15 hours of voting. No exit poll, as experts say it is impossible to take a fair sample with no referendum in recent years to compare it to. We won't know much. 11PM: Still nothing. If you're staying up to watch, you'll just see a lot of TV pundits and politicians speculating. 12AM: First results come in but only from tiny Gibraltar and the Scilly Isles. 12.30AM: First local mainland result expected. Sunderland will be first off the mark, polls suggest the area strongly favours Leave. An even-ish result would suggest Remain are doing better than expected. A Leave margin of six or seven points and Nigel Farage will cackle into his pork scratchings. 1AM: Results likely from Darlington, Newcastle and Swindon. Still too early to say much about the wider picture.

2AM: Results come in thick and fast. Anyone who got some early kip should tune in about now. Remain should get a boost by Scottish results including East Ayrshire, Angus and Clackmannanshire. 3AM: We should have almost 200 results and a pretty clear idea of how things are shaping up. If either side has had a great night, we'll know about it by now. If it's going down to the wire, there are still millions of votes to be counted. 3.30AM: Up to 100,000 voters in bellwether town Lancaster, where a study says Leave and Remain are tied on 42.8%, could show which way the vote is going when it declares now. 4AM: Large parts of London, which is largely pro-European, will declare in the next hour. This could either seal it for Remain or narrow the gap as Leave disappears into the distance to victory.

5AM: Broadcasters will be hoping to call the result around now. Results will still come in but may prove irrelevant. 6AM: Bristol will declare. Should be one of the last results and we ought to know who's won - and you should grab half an hour's sleep before getting up for work.

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 23, 2016
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