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How much is enough?; money and the good life.


How much is enough?; money and the good life.

Skidelsky, Robert and Edward Skidelsky.

Other Press LLC


251 pages



Robert and Edward Skidelsky, English professors of political economy and moral philosophy, present a breath-taking analysis of capitalism as a Faustian bargain with the devil. Capitalist civilization has yielded us more than we need but not the habits and institutions to truly enjoy or equitably distribute wealth. It is more about moral than political economy, but with an emphasis on individual development and concomitant notion of "the common good." They make arguments for basic income and similar schemes, addressing the common and challenging criticisms the idea has received. They are fairly radical in both advocating for a basic income and also the de-centering of work as a source of identity, and even talk about going "beyond capitalism." That said, they are not seeking to dispense with economy, but to remoralize it and, perhaps, re-politicize it. The proper cultivation of leisure, which they exclude idleness from, is necessary alongside concrete programs for reform.

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Date:Dec 1, 2013
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