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How much caffeine actually is in decaffeinated coffee?

The answer may surprise you. Decaf coffee does have significantly less caffeine than a regular cup of coffee but the levels do vary. Findings from the Mayo Clinic illustrated in the graph below show the reported levels of caffeine in different types of coffee.

For many adults, caffeine is a part of their daily routine that often comes by way of coffee. Yet, many adults, as they age, often look to cut back on their caffeine intake. It's important to note that 100 percent completely decaffeinated coffee does not exist.

However, decaf coffee does have substantially less caffeine than the average cup of joe. For instance decaf coffee that is decaffeinated through the Swiss Water Process is 99.9 percent caffeine free.

So how much caffeine actually is in decaffeinated coffee? The answer depends on the type of coffee (brewed, espresso, instant, etc) and how it is prepared (brewed, single serve etc).

All coffee below is measured in 8oz/237ml serving sizes. Caffeine measured in milligrams.

* Brewed coffee: 95-200 mg of caffeine

* Brewed coffee decaffeinated: 2-12 mg caffeine

* Single-serve varieties: 75-150 mg caffeine

* Single-serve varieties decaffeinated: 2-4 mg caffeine

* Espresso, restaurant style *: 47-75 mg of caffeine

* Espresso, restaurant style decaffeinated *: 0-15 mg caffeine

* Instant-27-173 mg caffeine

* Instant decaffeinated--2-12 mg caffeine

The list above is not absolute but serves as a good reference point. The actual caffeine content of the same coffee drink can vary from day to day because of various factors, such as roasting and grinding as well as brewing time.



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