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How many times does your heart beat in one week?

Dear Nikki:

You will be able to answer that question for yourself. First, though, you have to know how to take your own pulse, or heartbeat count.

Your blood is sent through your arteries by the pumping of your heart muscle. Arteries are tubelike parts of your body that send blood away from the heart. When you take your pulse, you are feeling the arteries stretch and then spring back as the blood is pumped, like a wave, to the rest of your body.

You can feel (and sometimes see) your pulse in places where arteries are close to your skin. The two most common places to feel your pulse are on your wrist and on the side of your neck.

Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the "father of modern aerobics," says the easy way to check your pulse is to "go around the hand." Place your ring finger and middle finger just below your wrist, and feel over the artery until you find a beat.

When you do, count the number of heartbeats for one minute. That's your pulse rate. According to the chart below, your pulse rate would be about 90 beats per minute.

To figure out the answer to your question, use this formula:

Beats per minute x 60 (per hour) x 24 (per day) x 7 (days in a week) =

(See the bottom of this page for the answer.)

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Age Rate (per minute) Newborn 140 1-11 months 120 2 years 110 4-6 years 100 8-10 years 90 12 years (girls) 90 12 years (boys) 85 14 years (girls) 85 14 years (boys) 80
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Title Annotation:Ask Dr. Cory; how to determine how much a person's heart beats
Author:SerVaas, Cory
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Date:Jun 1, 1996
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