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How many drips?

Just because you've spotted oil leaking from the vent holes on your Paladin's elevation cylinder doesn't mean you've got a problem, crewmen.

When the cannon is elevated and depressed, it's normal to see several drops of oil coming from the two vent holes on the elevation cylinder. It's the number of drops that tell you whether or not there's a problem.

Page 2-75 in TM 9-2350-314-10 (Feb 99, w/Ch 4) says to check the cylinder monthly like this:

1. Elevate and depress the cannon three times.

2. Wipe down the elevation cylinder with a clean cloth.

3. Watch the center vent hole and the vent hole on the end of the cylinder rod while someone else elevates and depresses the cannon 25 more times.

If you see no more than six drops of oil from each vent hole during this time everything's OK. But if you see more than six drops from either vent, the elevation cylinder's leaking too much. Call your mechanic. He'll determine if your howitzer needs to go to DS for repair.
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