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How energy affects life under water.

Nine organisations from across Europe are to investigate the environmental impact of noise, vibration and electromagnetic emissions from renewable energy devices on marine life.

Marine renewable energy devices (MREDs) such as wind turbines are planned in Europe to address the growing requirement for alternative sources of energy. However, little is known about the impact during construction and operation on the marine environment.

The project, funded by the European Commission and co-led by Cranfield University and the DHI Group, aims to fill this gap.

A full-scale review of the environmental impacts of noise, vibrations and electromagnetic emissions on the marine environment will be undertaken including conducting on-site measurements at offshore wind, wave and tidal devices. The results will feed directly into upcoming EU policy development.

Dr Andrew Gill, a marine ecologist who is leading the project for Cranfield, said: "This has the potential to have real impact on policy development in an industry that is still growing. MREDs are important for the future of our energy supply but there is still research needed to understand their environmental impact."

Results of the study are due in summer 2015 and will form the basis of a programme for further research and development.

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Publication:Environmental Engineering
Date:Feb 1, 2014
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