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How does your return-to-work program stack up?

When an employee is disabled as a result of job-related injury, your organization's productivity falls and costs rise. The longer the employee stays home recuperating, the higher the cost. There IS an effective way to reduce these costs and raise productivity. It's called "early return-to-work" and it's based on the fact that most injured employees can perform work during recovery. The employee returns to his or her regular or transitional job.

To make an early return-to-work program successful, employers need the following:

* Immediate injury reporting to your agent or carrier.

* Medical management--remain in communication with your employee.

* Ability to return the employee to work in some capacity.

* Post-injury review--investigate what happened and avoid future incidents.

When an employee is injured, trigger your early return-to-work program by immediately reporting the injury to your workers' compensation claim manager. These steps will help save you money.

For more information about workers' compensation solutions, call Darcie Winiewicz at (313) 596-0475 or e-mail:

By Darcie Winiewicz

Manager, Property & Casualty

Detroit Regional Chamber
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Title Annotation:Early Return To Work
Author:Winiewicz, Darcie
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Date:Apr 1, 2005
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