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How does he do it?

How does Dr. Leslie Norms continue to find rich publishing niches when many other newsletter publishers complain that "all the good ideas are gone"?

It's worth repeating the research techniques he shared at last year's NEPA conference (NLINL 6/30/02).

"Here's our process. Every day we read a half dozen newspapers and magazines. When I see something that intrigues me as a possible newsletter idea--i.e, some group with a problem and a potential need for information--I cut it out. Most days the papers wind up looking like Swiss cheese.

"Step Two: I do some research in a casual way. When I have some time on my hands, such as during the monsoon season here in Naples, Florida, I'll go online. I'll search for keywords. I'll look for associations involved in the area. If I find the Cattleman's Disease Protection Association but learn it has 82 members, that tells me something. If it has 18,000, something clicks for me. I want to learn if they have a modality to get the information evidently needed," Norins said.

"I'll probably print out a few relevant pages and clip them to the newspaper article, put it all in a folder. I'm not doing this from a desire to fill boxes.

"At this point I have a file of potential newsletter ideas that have passed a preliminary muster:

* They have a problem

* There are 'enough' of them

* There appears to be no existing modality.

"Before we go further, I would go on to full 'due diligence,' but I see so many potential ideas, especially for business newsletters, that I don't understand why more are not being launched."
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Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:May 31, 2003
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