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How do you know when you've had a great camping trip? When it seems way, way too snort.

FOR ALL THE CAMP SUNSET CAMPERS, Sunday morning came too soon. After breakfast, it was time to pack up, clean up, and think about how the first-ever Camp Sunset had gone.

Comfort and aesthetics won Tami Codianne-Miller over. "I thought I'd be the hardest to please," she said, "but the details like the matching tinware place settings knocked my socks off." Scott Miller's high point was the hike through the redwoods with park ranger Alex Tabone. As for Riley Miller, she had such a good time that she and her father were already plotting their own backyard camping trip when they returned home.

Greg Torres said that for his family, their favorite moments were the ones spent around the campfire: the singing, the storytelling, the s'mores toasting. And getting to know their fellow campers.

And what about us? We learned that raccoons are smart and agile (see page 73). We learned that you miss your phone a lot less than you think you're going to. And that the most beautiful sight in the world is a starry night sky framed by the silhouettes of redwood trees.

But we'll give the final verdict on Camp Sunset to Ella Torres. As the Torres family was packing up, they began reminiscing about the other family vacations they'd taken over the past few years.

"Ella," Ann-Marie Torres asked, "of all of our vacations, what was your favorite?"

Ella, immediately: "This one."

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Title Annotation:THE LAST WORD
Date:Apr 29, 2015
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