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How do I look?

How Do I Look?

It's time for a face lift at Channel 4. KARK recently employed Peters Productions out of San Diego in addition to the Frank N. Magid Co. for image and news consulting.

Competitors project these professionals could cost the station as much as $150,000 before it even puts money toward the recommended changes. While CEO Dean Hinson says that figure is a bit strong, he admits the services aren't cheap.

Channel 4 has a five year plan with Peters Productions, and evaluations could range from looking at the station logo to deciphering what viewer interests and concerns are.

Hinson says, "We know where we're going, but we want to see where the community is going to make sure we're going to the same place."
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Title Annotation:OutTakes; image and news building plans of KARK, Channel 4 in Little Rock, Arkansas
Author:Rengers, Carrie
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Oct 15, 1990
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