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How different are fiction dialogues from spoken conversation?

Washington, May 17 (ANI): The success of a movie significantly depends on power-packed and crispy dialogues, which should sound realistic as well, to the audience.he requirement that fiction should capture the readers' interest influences the use of linguistic constructions in fiction dialogue.

According to Karin Axelsson, who studied tag questions in British English fiction dialogue, the use of these in fiction dialogue is influenced by a focus on problems, conflicts and confrontations and an avoidance of everyday conversations on trivial matters.

English tag questions usually consist of a statement followed by a tag, like It's interesting, isn't it? and You can't afford that, can you?

These are very common in real-life conversation and interesting to study, as they display large formal and functional variation.

Axelsson analysed over 2,500 tag questions for their formal features and over 600 of these also for their functions, using a large corpus of both written texts and transcribed speech: the British National Corpus.

The results showed that tag questions are much less frequent in fiction dialogue than in spoken conversation.

"In addition, they are in several ways different as to their formal features. The tag subject is, for example, mostly you in fiction dialogue, but it in spoken conversation," said Axelsson.

Furthermore, among rhetorical tag questions, there are clear differences between those in fiction dialogue and those in spoken conversation.

Majority of rhetorical tag questions in fiction dialogue are addressee-oriented, i.e. they concern the addressee, whereas, most rhetorical tag questions in spoken conversation are speaker-centred, i.e. they present the opinion of the speaker. (ANI)

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Publication:Asian News International
Date:May 17, 2011
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