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How customer service can add years to a company.

Recently, a foreign-flag vessel moored in Bellingham, Wash. created an emergency for Jim Scott, Perishable Commodities Manager at Maust Corporation, Seattle. It was a Friday afternoon at 1 pm. The ship was scheduled to sail at 6 pm that same night. The problem: coordinate an urgent request for five huge truckloads of seafood between a Bellingham broker, a Mount Vernon, Wash. seafood company and two cold storage facilities in Seattle. The cargo had to be delivered within the five hour time-frame so the vessel could sail on schedule. It was and it did.

Jim Scott would be the first to say that speed and efficiency form the hallmark of service for the Maust Corporation. And Maust senior management would tell you that managers such as Scott, who joined the company in 1988, are the ones who really make things happen for customers. He has been involved in the seafood industry for over 18 years, starting in 1973 as a fish house production worker in Alaska. Scott enjoyed rapid success and eventually managed fish buying and production operations for a number of companies, including a stint as a buyer for one of the largest smoked fish producers in North America.

Recognized by legal jurisdictions nationally and internationally as an 'expert industry witness,' Scott's extensive knowledge of seafood processing includes the Byzantine-maze of regulations that affect domestic and world-wide shipping and export documentation.

The ability to creatively solve problems to meet customer requirements is critical -- especially when the customer's product is a perishable food item.

Case in point The 1992 'A' season for pollack fishing in Alaska was slashed this year from 9 to just 2 1/2 months. It fell to Jim Scott and his group at Maust to develop a dedicated-plan to handle an anticipated 5 million pounds of pollack weekly from Alaska during the shortened season and, of course, still maintain business-as-usual for other company customers during this hectic period. And they did.

Maust is one of the Pacific Northwest's principal transporters of seafood to dinner tables throughout the United States. That the company and its employees believe in speed, efficiency and service is evidenced by the fact that Maust Corporation is currently celebrating its 90th anniversary year.
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Title Annotation:seafood firm Maust Corp.'s fast and efficient services
Publication:Frozen Food Digest
Date:Oct 1, 1992
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