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How could we forget a sense of humor? (Country conversation & feedback).

COUNTRYSIDE: The question of the month last March/April was; "What wouldn't you want to homestead without?" I read the responses and shook my head in agreement so many times, I thought you would hear the rattle in Wisconsin. However, almost all the letters included one thing, but never mentioned it: A sense of humor. The sense of humor is a major component of the sense of adventure that all (and I mean all) homesteaders have. The sense of humor exists or the homesteader won't. How else can one respond to the cats eating most of the new chicks or the neighbors' cows finding your tender, young garden?

How about the young calf who tried to find the bottom of the five-gallon bucket and he ended up stumbling about the barnyard unable to get the bucket off? How about my personal favorite, doing everything right-and still having the tree fall the Wrong direction and taking out the garden fence and solar-powered clothes dryer?

Even the "acts of God'? that come our way--ice, hail, rain, drought, wind, etc.--have to be laughed at. Who said God doesn't have a sense of humor? He has given us the sense of humor to compensate for unmet expectations.--Steve & Des Luhnow, El Dorado, KS;
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Author:Luhnow, Steve; Luhnow, Des
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Date:Jul 1, 2002
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