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How could he father 2 children by 2 girls while we planned our wedding; EXCLUSIVE: NEW PREMIERSHIP SCANDAL: SERIAL LOVE RAT.


SOCCER star Kevin Davies fathered two children by two different women while he was dating the beauty he planned to marry.

Love-rat Davies's devoted fiancee forgave him when he got a former girlfriend pregnant two years ago.

But Amanda Village had her heart broken a second time when she discovered the Bolton Wanderers striker had played away again - as they planned an idyllic summer wedding this year.

Last night dance teacher Amanda, 34, told how Davies dashed from a cup semi-final to be there at the birth of his second love-child.

Fighting back tears, Amanda, who at that point had just split from Davies earlier but was hoping for a reconciliation, said: "I just couldn't believe he had done it to me a second time because I thought he had learnt from the first time.

"I feel stupid, incredibly upset and totally humiliated by what he has done. I thought he was the one. I forgave him once - but to father two children while we were trying for a baby and planning our wedding was too much.

"I didn't know anything about her - and only realised what was going on when a friend rang to read out an article in a newspaper about Kevin."

It told how Davies, 26, rushed from the second leg of Bolton's clash against Aston Villa on January 27 after secret lover Emma Shield went into labour. He became a father to her baby Lucas two years after confessing how he'd got a former flame pregnant.

Amanda met Davies when the footballer - then with Third Division Chesterfield - chatted her up in Cairo's nightclub in their home town, Sheffield.

She was swept off her feet when the good looking striker eight years her junior approached her.

"It was love at first sight for me," said Amanda. "Kevin was charming and seemed kind and sincere. The first thing I noticed about him were his lovely eyes. He was quite a bit younger than me, but he was really confident and very romantic, which is what I like."

The couple began dating, and Amanda was by Davies' side as his career took off.

He joined Premiership side Southampton from Chesterfield for pounds 750,000 in 1997, then became Blackburn's record signing in a pounds 7.25million switch a year later. But his career stalled as he was plagued by injuries. When he returned for a second stint at Southampton, Amanda gave up her own job and moved into his plush apartment in the town's Ocean Village in 2001.

But, as Davies struggled to hold a first-team place, his relationship with Amanda hit a rocky patch.

"He kept saying he didn't know what he wanted," he said. "Then a week later he said he wanted me. A lot of the time I thought it was the football getting on top of him.

"He was a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde. One minute I thought he was really in love with me, and the next it felt like he didn't care."

Davies splashed out on a string of romantic holidays for his lover, including a trip to Mexico in 2001.

But the couple were having regular arguments, too.

Amanda said: "Kevin started being really off with me and I didn't know why.

"He was very quiet and his way of coping with things was to go out and get drunk. One evening we were out at a nightclub and again he was being really off with me. I talked to some of the other players who were out but they all assured me that Kevin loved me.

"But later that night he told me that during one of our rough patches in October 2001 he had slept with another girl and she was pregnant.

"It turned out this girl, Cheryl Plant, was an air hostess and had been a girlfriend of his eight or nine years earlier.

"I was stunned and ended up slapping him around the face."

The stewardess told Davies she was going to keep the baby and, in June 2002, he became a father to son Kyle. Amanda decided to forgive Davies and tried to rebuild their relationship.

"But it wasn't easy," she said.

In early 2002 Amanda moved back in with her parents. But Davies rang and texted her constantly.

"He just wouldn't leave me alone and we got back together."

He whisked Amanda to New York for a romantic break as he tried to make up for his infidelity.

And while they were away in May 2002, he bought an engagement ring without telling her.

After attending the birth of Kyle in June 2002, Davies flew to Barbados with Amanda for a holiday. When they got back, on her birthday - August 9 - he sent a limousine to pick her up from the Southampton apartment.

Amanda said: "The chauffeur came to the door with 20 red roses.

"Then we went in the limo all the way to London, to The Ivy restaurant.

"On the way back he got down on one knee in the limo and proposed."

As he popped the question, Davies gave Amanda the diamond solitaire ring he had bought in New York.

She said: "It was my dream come true and I was crying my eyes out. I couldn't believe I could possibly be so happy."

But Amanda's love-match soon turned sour again.

One day she would come home and the house would be covered in rose-petals, but the next day Davies would ignore her and she would be left at home alone.

She said he told her he was going out with his team-mates, but she now believes he was sleeping with other women.

She said: "Kevin was doing badly football-wise at Southampton.

"But I couldn't cope with the way things were going so I moved back to live with my mum in Sheffield again.

"About a week later Kevin said he wanted to be with me.

"Eventually in February last year he asked me to come down to Southampton to sort it out.

"I went down there on the Friday night and we had a nice night together. But the next day he sent me a text message saying he could not do it and he did not want it. The last thing I said to him was I wished I was dead.

"I was driving down the M3 heading back towards Sheffield.

"A lorry had shed its load and the next thing I knew the car in front of me stopped.

"I slammed on my brakes but I knew I wouldn't stop in time."

Amanda's car ploughed into the car in front, then collided with the central reservation.

Amazingly she got out of the car without a scratch.

Amanda said: "I rang Kevin and he spent five or six hours at the hospital with me."

He spent a week looking after her after the crash and they started planning their wedding.

They decided to tie the knot in a church ceremony on June 5 this year followed by a reception at historic Ripley Castle, near Harrogate, Yorks. But the couple had more bust-ups as Davies struggled to hold his place in Southampton's team.

Then, last month, Amanda was shattered by the news that Davies had got another woman pregnant.

Now she has a word of warning for the mother of Davies' second child.

She said: "I don't think Emma will be the last one in his line of conquests. I suspect there will have been others I don't know about.

"I feel sorry for anyone that gets mixed up with him - because a leopard never changes its spots."


LOVE CHILD PARTNER 1; Cheryl Pant gave birth to Kyle in 2002; STRUGGLE: Davies playing for Bolton; LOVE CHILD PARTNER 2; Emma Shield gave birth to Lucas this year; HEAD OVER HEELS: Amanda fell in love at first sight when she met Davies; BROKEN HEARTED: Amanda now.; Picture: MATT POVER
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 21, 2004
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