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How costs can quickly add up; proper ty matters.


Martin continues his look at things to concentrate on when viewing a property and assessing its merits as a renovation project.

Upstairs bathroom Many old houses were built either without a bathroom or have since had them added on the ground floor. Installing a new bathroom at first floor level is likely to cost around PS800-PS1,500, and is essential for modern living.

You could section off part of an upstairs bedroom with stud walling to create a new bathroom and this is likely to cost PS1,500-PS2,500, but consider the implications of possibly losing a bedroom for a new bathroom. | Dry Rot Dry rot is a fungus that will destroy timber very quickly. The first sign of dry root is often its distinctive musty smell when you lift a floorboard or even just the carpet. Getting rid of it will cost around PS1,200 but you will also have to repair damage to joist and timbers which can be extensive. | 'Poor decorative order' This is a term that sounds benign and inexpensive to put right, but it can be a catch-all term for problems ranging from the need for a bit of redecorating, to a total re-plaster throughout. Don't assume anything and visibly check all aspects of a property to ensure that 'poor decorative order' doesn't really mean 'structurally unsound'.

| Woodworm Woodworm is a common pest found in damp timber that can cause major problems if left unchecked. However, in rmost situations the damage is superficial (providing the holes are 2mm or less) and the problem can be eradicated using pesticides. Pesticide treatment will cost from PS600-PS1,000 for an average house.

Windows Replace any original windows in a property with caution as they can be an inherent part of the building's character and therefore its value. In many areas, however, replacement windows are a must for all buyers and will add considerably more to the value of the property than they cost.

Decent PVCu double glazed windows will cost from PS200-PS400 each and the same again for fitting. | Kitchen Still the room which sells the house, but completely replacing an old, tired kitchen may not be necessary if you can give it a new lease of life by replacing cupboard doors and work surfaces.

Appliances need to be clean and modern so ditch the grimy cooker and replace with a shiny new one.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 18, 2012
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