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How can I describe a brother like mine? (children's page).

How can I describe a brother like mine? Sure, Daniel may not be completely normal; he may not be able to do stuff like most 12-year-olds do, but I wouldn't want him any other way! He has taught me to be true to myself, to have patience and, above all, to be thankful that I can do so much.

Daniel does not have to put on a mask in order to be recognized, like most teenagers do. He is true to himself and that brings out the sweet and loving boy that he is. No matter what is going on, he always has a smile on his face and a hug to give. Everywhere we go, we seem to nm into someone who knows him; I'm not that popular! At times he has his moments of hitting and throwing fits, but these tantrums are his way of testing my patience. Anyone who has a sibling knows that fighting is normal! Each time he has a fit, it seems like I can cope with it better; I know this is true for my parents too. Sometimes I forget that my brother is different than other little brothers, and I wish he were normal. But then I stop and thank God that he has blessed me with someone like Daniel.

Of all the people I know, I think that the one I look up to the most is my brother. He goes through so much. People stare at him and let him down one way or another. Yet he still has strength in him to just smile and love life. So innocent. So pure. That is why I love him so much.

Daniel is like a small ray of sunshine in a dark world. If everyone would just stop and look, they would see what an amazing person he is.


Sandra Birdsong, mother of Melissia and Daniel, writes:

Melissia, 14, is a very passionate and loving sister who cares deeply for her half-brother Daniel, 12. Like most teenage siblings, they bicker and aggravate each other to the fullest of their abilities. But Daniel misses her when she is gone and she, becomes bored when he is busy or just behaving himself.

At the moment, Daniel and Melissia share their home with two dogs, Drake and Chigger, who also become jealous of each other!

Daniel receives speech therapy at home twice a week. At school, he receives more speech therapy, PT and OT. We are currently on a waiting list at the University of Arkansas for an evaluation for an augmentative communication device..

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Author:Laughlin, Melissia
Publication:The Exceptional Parent
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Oct 1, 2002
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