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How Would You Articulate Your Strategy When it Comes to Structuring M&A Agreements Involving a Chapter 11 Company?

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Video Leadership Seminars: Structuring and Negotiating Acquisitions and Sales of Companies in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy with Dennis Drebsky of Nixon Peabody LLP to their offering.

The goal of this Video Leadership Seminar is to provide lawyers and executives with essential information for negotiating agreements pertaining to the acquisition and sales of companies in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The DVD is viewable on any computer or iPod (that supports video) and features 60 minutes of live video with Dennis Drebsky of Nixon Peabody LLP sharing his knowledge of and experience with handling such transactions. The Video Leadership Seminar provides a comprehensive explanation of the complexities involved in the acquisition and sale of companies in Chapter 11, including winning legal strategies, step-by-step procedures for structuring an agreement, and specific case studies.

Topics covered in the Video Leadership Seminar include:

- Key analysis for structuring agreements

- Strategies for settlement and negotiation

- The impact of new laws on such situations

- Financial considerations

- Case Studies of specific situations and what you can learn from them

Samples of the types of questions answered in the Video Leadership Seminar include:

- Please start out by giving a brief summary of your background and experience with respect to structuring and negotiating M&A agreements when a company is in Chapter 11 status?

- How would you articulate your strategy when it comes to structuring M&A agreements involving a Chapter 11 company?

- How do you go about doing your background research before you begin structuring an M&A agreement for your client? What is important for you to know about selling a company that is in Chapter 11, or acquiring a company that is in Chapter 11? What issues should you look out for that are unique to such situations?

- What most often kills agreements getting finalized? What negotiation points are the hardest to bridge? Why do you think this is?

- When does it not make sense for your client to sign an agreement? What would need to happen for you to counsel your client to walk away? Why?

- What is your favorite piece of advice with respect to structuring M&A agreements on behalf of your clients when one of the companies is in Chapter 11? Why?

- What are the three most important areas that have made you a successful negotiator on behalf of your clients?

- How do you explain the financial exposure to your client in a situation such as this - such as the impact it could have on their business if the agreement is not structured properly? What is the impact on a company when they acquire another company that is in Chapter 11? What is the risk? What is the risk of a company being acquired when it is in Chapter 11?

About Dennis Drebsky:

Mr. Drebsky has acted as bankruptcy counsel to A.H. Robins Company in its reorganization proceeding in the Eastern District of Virginia. As lead counsel to Coral Petroleum, Inc., a privately held oil trading and refining company with annual sales/revenues of $5 billion, Mr. Drebsky handled the company's reorganization and defended the company in litigation with the Department of Energy. Mr. Drebsky also represented Tudor II Associates, a series of limited real estate partnerships that purchased several large commercial properties from a Chapter 1 debtor, and has represented the debtors in a series of real estate bankruptcies involving forty-one hotel properties, the primary secured creditor in the Columbia Hospital for Women reorganization in Washington, and creditors in several reorganizations, including Enron, WorldCom, and ANC. Through his creditor work, Mr. Drebsky has gained particular experience in insurance litigation. He has represented the Home Insurance Company in several mass tort bankruptcies, including the Manville Corporation, Celotex, J.T. Thorpe Dana Corporation, and Dow Corning. Mr. Drebsky has also represented clients in several telecommunication reorganizations, including Mobile Media and USN. Mr. Drebsky also has wide experience in major commercial and antitrust litigation, including representing the Associated Press, Automatic Data Processing, and Mylan Laboratories.

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Date:Feb 19, 2007
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