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How To Eat Right on Passover.

If we simply ate the foods off the Seder platean egg, some horseradish, a scoop of harosetnobody would worry about weight gain during Passover. But our holiday feasts go far beyond unleavened bread and bitter herbs. No doubt, it will be hard to resist all the tantalizing temptations placed before us next week. But by keeping a few key things in mind, we can please our Passover palates without turning into matzo balls ourselves.

THE SEDER Preparing to stay healthy on Passover starts before the actual Seder meals. First, as with any meal, do not go into the Seder hungry, especially if your Seder has a long first half, which means the meal won't be served until late. An empty stomach makes it difficult to fuel your mind to make healthy choices. It may not be easy in any case to pass up your aunt's famous kugel, but if you feel satisfied before it's placed in front of you, you can at least think clearly enough to reason against devouring a whole pan of it. Try eating a snack with protein and fiber, such as one-quarter of an avocado with sliced cucumber and tomato, within one hour of the start of your Seder. If you cannot find a real food snack, try swiping a high-quality-protein egg off the Seder plate!

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Author:Warren, Beth
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Apr 8, 2014
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