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How To Dance Through Time Volume II: Dances of the Ragtime Era 1910-1920.

How To Dance Through Time Volume II: Dances of the Ragtime Era 1910-1920 is produced by the same director who brought the marvelous Dancetime! I and II: 500 Years of Social Dance. Carol Teten is acknowledged as an experiential expert dance historian, both teaching and founding Dance Through Time, an award-winning dance company that performs on this video and in public performances. Dances have a how-to aspect for legitimacy, but also provide inspiration for original choreography when it is needed in productions of a period. This volume includes animal dances, the Castle Walk, a tango, the maxixe and the hesitation waltz. In VHS format, this volume runs fifty minutes. It is available from Dancetime Publications, 5 Broadway, Kentfield, CA 94904; 888/854-5602, and for more information
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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Patrick, K.C.
Publication:Dance Magazine
Article Type:Video Recording Review
Date:Dec 1, 2000
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