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How To Cook A Christmas Ham In 5 Easy Steps.

Christmas dinner is hardly complete with a holiday ham. Luckily for those planning to cook the delicacy this year, we've got you covered with this super simple, 5-step recipe.

Before you starting prepping your Christmas 2017 dinner, here's a guide to everything you'll need and directions on how to make the perfect holiday honey ham. The following recipe is a combination of ( Pillsbury  and ( Genius Kitchen 's honey baked ham guides, as well as our own findings.

You'll need the following items-


Shallow roasting pan

Meat thermometer

Basting brush

Tin foil

Carving knife

Carving board

Baster (optional)


One 7-9 lb. fully cooked, smoked, bone-in ham

1/4 cup of honey

1/4 cup of light brown sugar

2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard

1 cup of pear or orange juice (optional)


1. The great thing about cooking a pre-cooked ham is it's hard to mess it up! First, you'll start by pre-heating your oven to "no lower" than 325 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the (!ut/p/a1/jVHRTsIwFP2aPZbeOSTDt2UJAZQhIcrYCynb3dawtU1bRHzw2y3womYobdKkp-fce88pzWhKM8HeeMUsl4I1p3s22MACBv4whul86I9gkrwu5o9xDOHy3hHWfxCS4Eb9lRXBf_rpDQ3u9CyeVTRTzNaEi1LStEJLmDAH1IampZQFMaxEeyQlyy0xNaJ1Dy0yS5RGxfQ5EJrWrHW6gnyT0DS3Gy4KfKcrmv0cB3y3J0mw7I-nSQDz_m9CR14XwvVAnOOqkdvz56wjsQ1CZ01jiRp1b68dXFurHjzwgJndjmkUvXxvbI2N6uWydbBS7ri496BAy3jjgA0vPOgPQg8-PajlgTRSVCRnghzlnuwQFTnZ54K4WsR11LxCF4zUnh-MuqappbE07ZyCqvYl_XiKxsCf21Vooi_ldAK/) USDA's regulations . Now is the time to place your ham in a shallow roasting pan. Don't worry about adding in the other ingredients just yet.

2. Once your oven is at the right temperature, place your ham into the oven. If your pre-cooked ham is between the suggested poundage above, it needs to bake for 10-18 minutes per pound. (You can find the cook time suggestions from the USDA for all other sized-hams (!ut/p/a1/jVHRTsIwFP2aPZbeOSTDt2UJAZQhIcrYCynb3dawtU1bRHzw2y3womYobdKkp-fce88pzWhKM8HeeMUsl4I1p3s22MACBv4whul86I9gkrwu5o9xDOHy3hHWfxCS4Eb9lRXBf_rpDQ3u9CyeVTRTzNaEi1LStEJLmDAH1IampZQFMaxEeyQlyy0xNaJ1Dy0yS5RGxfQ5EJrWrHW6gnyT0DS3Gy4KfKcrmv0cB3y3J0mw7I-nSQDz_m9CR14XwvVAnOOqkdvz56wjsQ1CZ01jiRp1b68dXFurHjzwgJndjmkUvXxvbI2N6uWydbBS7ri496BAy3jjgA0vPOgPQg8-PajlgTRSVCRnghzlnuwQFTnZ54K4WsR11LxCF4zUnh-MuqappbE07ZyCqvYl_XiKxsCf21Vooi_ldAK/) here .)

3. While your ham is cooking, take your honey, light brown sugar and mustard and mix it together in a bowl.

Note: During cook time, you can use the orange or pear juice to baste the ham. This step is optional.

4. Once your ham is done cooking, remove it from the oven and using a carving knife, cut small diamond shapes into the larger section of the ham. Then, brush the mixture onto the ham. From there, add a tent of tin foil to the top of the ham and place it back into the oven for an additional 10 to 20 minutes of cook time.

5. Your ham is done cooking when it reaches an internal temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. (If you followed the recipe using an uncooked ham, the internal temperature must be 165 degrees Fahrenheit before serving.) Then, carve it up, and enjoy your holiday dinner.
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