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How To Achieve Meghan Markle's 'Audrey Hepburn Brows'.

Meghan Markle's effect has extended to her facial features!

Sherrille Riley, Markle's personal brow stylist, said that the former actress typically gets the "Audrey Brow" treatment, which is inspired by Audrey Hepburn. "It's particularly flattering on Meghan because it's a really natural style and it compliments her features 6 she's a beautiful woman," Riley told ( People.

The publication noted that Riley started shaping and trimming Markle's bows in 2016 after one of her friends recommended the salon and Riley to her. The treatment that Markle typically receives from her eyebrows cost $65, and Riley revealed what is included in the package.

"We do maintenance, tinting and threading and a bit of tweezing. The tint I use is brown with a hint of black which gives a really soft natural look," she said.

And when it comes to the final touches, Riley only uses her ( Beauty Edit Mayfair brow pencil in Dark Dahlia color for Prince Harry's fiancAaAaAeA@e. "It's just about accentuating her features in the most natur way," she said.

Meanwhile, those who can't visit Riley's salon or those who can't spend $65 for their eyebrows may still achieve the "Audrey Brow." According to Riley, the first step is to fully grow out the eyebrows. "Try to shape the brows as straight as possible, making sure that the tail ends are lifted upwards. Fill in any gaps with a brow pencil," she said.

In other news, Riley also shared how Markle is like when she's at their salon. The eyebrow expert said that the future royal appears to be very relaxed. She also talks to the other patrons and staff.

"She is very real and very natural and very, very smart. She's confident but in a soft, friendly way and very matter-of-fact 6 she has a presence about her," she said.

Markle and Prince Harry are scheduled to ( tie the knot on May 19, but it is still unclear whether or not Riley will be the one to fix her eyebrows before her big day.

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Date:Jan 10, 2018
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