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How Steve's showing his Boro bond across the pond.

A DIE-HARD Boro fan is proudly showing his colours on the other side of the world.

Steve Myers, from Middlesbrough, is now based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the USA.

But the 53-year-old is making sure everyone knows where his loyalties lie - with Boro shirts, calendars, mouse mats, and car number plates.

Steve said: "I have family in the North-east still but I do plan my trips home around Boro's schedule.

"I look to see when I can fit three games in and come over then. The main thing I miss is going to see Boro every week.

"Having all of the Boro things reminds me of home too."

Steve, a manager at a health insurance firm, has a Boro calendar and mouse mat in his office. He also has a vast collection of club shirts which he proudly wears whenever he can.

But perhaps the things which earn him the most attention are his car registration plates.

His Ford Mustang GT has a BORO FC plate, while his Dodge Charger has the plate SMOGGIE. He also owns a truck with a T-SIDER plate.

"The Boro one I have had for about 20 years," Steve added.

"A couple of people have stopped me and asked if I am the borough fire chief.

"It's kind of funny with the Smoggie one because people think the car emits so much smog."

Steve, who has a fiancee named Lorrie moved to Pittsburgh in 1987.

His sons Stuart, 32, and Tony, 25, also live in the USA and he has a four-year-old granddaughter named Aubrey.

Despite David Beckham plying his trade in the USA, football - or soccer as it is known there - is still not a huge deal.

But having a specialist interest can pay off - as Steve found out last year.

"During the World Cup one of the local radio stations was saying that it was not too popular," added Steve.

"I phoned up to correct them and I ended up becoming their World Cup correspondent. They called me 'Steve The Brit' and every time I came on they played Rule Britannia."


DIE-HARD: Steve Myers with his cars which have number plates that read SMOGGIE and BORO FC
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Geographic Code:1U2PA
Date:Jan 3, 2012
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