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How States Fight Terrorism.

How States Fight Terrorism

Doron Zimmermann & Andreas Wenger, editors

Lynne Rienner Publishers

1800--30th Street, Suite 314, Boulder, CO 80301

1588264534, $55.00

The war on terrorism is a global war the most of the western nations and their allies, waged against a spiderweb of non-state insurgency groups, their allies, supporters, enablers, and networks. Compiled, organized and co-edited by Doron Zimmermann (Senior Researcher for the Political Violence Movements and Integrated Risk Analysis projects at the Center for Security Studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and Andreas Wenger (Professor of International Security Policy and Director of the Center for Security Studies at ETH Zurich), "How States Fight Terrorism: Policy Dynamics In The West" focuses upon how national governments are struggling to cope with the complex threat of mass-casualty terrorist attacks carried out by armed groups driven by ideological and/or religious motivations. Beginning with the informed and informative essay co-authored by Zimmermann and Wenger, 'New Perspectives on National Counterterrorism Policy', there are two major sections survey the dynamics of counterterrorism policy in Europe and North America with principle attention given to Britain, Germany, Norway, Canada, and the United States. Of particular note are the two contributions making up the fourth section: 'Israel's Counterterrorism' and 'Combating Al-Qaida and Associated Groups'. "How States Fight Terrorism concludes with another thoughtful and thought provoking essay by Zimmermann and Wenger: 'Toward Efficiency and Legitimacy'. An extended bibliography for further studies, a list of the various contributors, and an extensive index, combine to make "How States Fight Terrorism" a core addition to governmental, institutional, academic, and community library International Studies collections in general, and Anti-Terrorism Studies reading lists in particular.
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Publication:The Bookwatch
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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