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How Scots Heartbeat babe Fiona's sexy scenes left her out in the cold..; SHOWBIZ EXCLUSIVE.

HERE'S a sight to set any male Heartbeat racing - new star Fiona Dolman.

The Scots-born stunner has landed a role that will make her the envy of millions of women.

For she gets saucy with the TV cop show's resident hunk, Jason Durr!

Fiona has the high- flying role of legal eagle Jackie Lambert, who digs her talons deep into nice PC Mike Bradley's heart.

But high-altitude drama does tend to run in the Dolman family. Her father, Guy, was a different kind of high flier - as a squadron leader with the RAF.

Fiona says: "I was born on a base in Scotland and, throughout my childhood, he was stationed at bases all over the place, in the UK and Gibraltar and Malta."

But right now, 28-year-old Fiona is grounded at chilly Goathland, North Yorkshire, the location for the TV show.

The rural cop drama, set in the '60s, is another big break for the actress, who first came to prominence starring as the gutsy heroine in ITV's big- budget RAF drama, Strike Force, in 1995.

In that, her character had the ridiculous name of Flight Lieutenant Sarah Kyte - which at least gave her flying officer dad a good giggle.

An even bigger laugh was that Ms Kyte was supposed to be able to hold her own in a man's world as she flew a pounds 22 million Tornado.

Yet, in real life, Fiona can't even drive a car!

Sadly, Strike Force went down like a lead balloon.

AND it nearly took her with it as she hit a spell of unemployment.

Now she's back on course - with what she regards a plum role as the abrasive lawyer who first rubs PC Mike up the wrong way.

"I tear a strip off him in court," Fiona reveals. "But a big attraction develops between us - though I can't say more at this stage."

Rumours on the set suggest the pair's scenes together were pretty hot stuff - though Fiona reckons in reality it was more like love in a cold climate!

For the whole crew of Heartbeat are having to hold their own against storms that have lashed the location set high on the moors of North Yorkshire.

But under her belt, Fiona has the lovely winter warmer of a Heartbeat contract until the New Year - which will lead to a full- time role if the series is recommissioned by ITV.

Since leaving drama school in London seven years ago, Fiona has worked in theatre and had intermittent TV work, notably in the dramatisation of the Jeremy Bamber killings - The Whitehouse Farm Murders.

"I've actually been working most of this year which is saying something in this business," says Fiona.

Her most recent TV appearance was as a detective in the Channel 4 bomb, Ultraviolet, which turned out to be a toothless thriller on a contemporary vampire theme, starring This Life pin- up Jack Davenport.

BUT Fiona is prepared to take knocks in her bid for stardom.

"I've experienced long periods when I couldn't get an acting job," she said.

"This year I've just had short breaks to catch up on things and enjoy myself."

She shares a flat in London with two friends from drama school, and is single.

"There's no one really special," she says. "And that's fine.

"I'm happy with the way things are going. London feel likes home more than anywhere else."

But she admits that her father's itinerant lifestyle has probably rubbed off on her.

"Eventually, I feel I would prefer a more continental way of life and would like to move abroad.

"They seem a lot more relaxed. They work hard, but they don't live to work. They play hard, too, and I like that.

"I never considered going into the RAF, but I can see why people do.

"It's a good life, with a lot of camaraderie and banter. They are a nice group of people and you get to travel a lot."
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Author:Docherty, Gavin
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 15, 1998
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