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How Infinity School of Engineering is Transforming Technical and Vocational Educational Sector in Pakistan.

Most of the policy makers of developed and developing countries declare Technical Education, "a master key for the swift economic growth of a nation". Regrettably, the evidences show that Technical Education could not play the expected role in the industrial and economic growth of Pakistan. Problems and issues of Technical Education in Pakistan: It has been pointed out in MTDF 2005-10 of Pakistan, that Technical Education is facing the following main problems in Pakistan:-

A. Lack of industry-institute linkage.

B. Conventional and outdated educational system.

C. Unavailability of modern and well equipped labs.

D. Shortage of well trained and qualified teachers.

E. Out-dated Curricula

F. Changing requirements for overseas/local employment.

With a mind and dedication to transform the technical and vocational education in Pakistan and uplift it to international standards, RAVI-INFINITY GROUP (A big name in Automobile Manufacturing) laid the foundation of INFINITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING two years ago which started to provide technical training in a number of courses related to Automobile/ Light Engineering sector. The educational standards and the facilities ISE is providing to its students are opening a path to other technical and vocational institutes to transform their learning system according to the changing requirements of modern world. Keeping in mind the current problems of TVET Sector, ISE took all the measures to eradicate them and they have been quite successful in achieving what they are striving for (The Excellency).

We will now talk about all the above mentioned problems and how ISE is dealing with these problems so that it can set guidelines for other similar institutes.

A-Linkage with Industry: Infinity School of Engineering is the only Technical and vocational Institute which is backed by group of almost 50 industries which provide inputs in the design and delivery of learning system.

B-Implementation of ISO 29990: 2010, OBE and CBT: Infinity School of Engineering is Pakistan's first technical institute to develop and implement ISO 29990: 2010 which provides complete guidelines according to international practices for Technical Education.

Apart from this ISE also implemented Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Competency Based Training (CBT) to transform its learning system to international standards.

C-Modern and well equipped Labs: ISE has modern and well equipped lab for each course. All the Machines and equipment required by the curricula and industries are made available and has been imported from International Agencies to meet with the modern requirements.

D-Qualified Faculty of Engineer: ISE has qualified faculty of engineers graduated from well-known universities of Pakistan with minimum 2-3 years of industrial experience. Apart from this master trainers from industries also give periodic lectures

E-Curricula Development: ISE has a one of best curricula development system which follows the guidelines from ISO 29990: 2010. Curricula consists of all the important elements including needs of interested parties, Aims and goals of training, Learning outcomes of all the contents, teaching methodology, assessment methodology, resources needed etc.

The curricula is endorsed and approved by all the interested parties including technical committees which consists of min 5-10 industries for each course.

F-Dealing with Requirements of Employers: As ISE is linked with a number of industries and it has developed its learning system with the consultation of industries therefore, ISE has succeeded to gain the trust of industries and employers when it comes to providing skilled workforce. Apart from this customized training is also provided according to specific needs of employers/industries. "All these Efforts resulted in making Infinity School of Engineering one of the best Technical Training Institute in Pakistan in a very short span of time"
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Publication:Pakistan Engineering Review
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Date:Mar 31, 2018
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