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STUNNING RTE star Kathryn Thomas has a body to die for - but she revealed that she used to be quite tubby.

As a child, the new Operation Transformation host readily admits that she had plenty of puppy fat - even though people now have difficulty believing it because of her drop-dead gorgeous looks.

The stunning former No Frontiers presenter took over the hit-rated RTE show after the death of Gerry Ryan.

According to Kathryn, it was a rigorous training regime after going to secondary school which enabled her to burn off those unwanted pounds.

However, she now fears that the current generation of children are far too interested in playing their games consoles than running around and engaged in real sport.

She said: "For people who don't believe it, when I was younger I did carry quite a lot of weight.

"People will say it was just puppy fat and we all had puppy fat but the problem is now for a lot of teenagers that the puppy fat is now not being lost the older they get and that's why the obesity problem is starting.

"I lost weight when I went to secondary school where sport is compulsory and I took up football and hockey, with football really becoming my life and I loved it. And through that and educating me about the right foods, the weight just dropped off."

The glam star says she now feels her current weight is the right place to be - with a good pair of heels her secret weapon.

But she admits it doesn't come naturally and she still has to go to the gym on a regular basis.

She said: "I'm not overweight but I'm athletic in build. I'm very tall, I'm 5'7" and generally in heels so I'm tottering at about 5'8" or thereabouts which surprises a lot of people.

"So because I'm tall, I can carry weight a bit better. I'm athletic, I'm by no means skinny.

"I'd be a size 12 or 14 anyway, which is a perfect weight for me and I'm hap-py but I'm not a size six, eight or 10.

"I have to work at it, I work out twice a week but I've just become comfortable in my own skin."

And Kathryn says she was shocked at what the participants of weight loss show Operation Transformation were willing to say on camera.

She said: "I was genuinely surprised on how honest people were and how revealing people were.

"Speaking to them afterwards, there seemed to be a sense that there was security in numbers and that being in a room with people who are suffering the same problems or that were feeling the exact same low self esteem as you.

"For a lot of people when they're out with their friends or their family, they're the odd one out because they're the ones who are overweight, they're the ones who aren't happy.

"And it was very interesting to see a room of people together who felt united by their one weight problem.

"People are saying, 'How can you do that on television in front of 600,000 people who are watching every week?'

"But the people who were there that day were speaking to each other."


Looking good... RRTE star presenter Kathryn Thomas
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 9, 2011
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