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How I had a Pammy op to save my life, by Deborah Corrigan; JIM DAVIDSON'S GIRL SAYS OPS MADE HER BOOBS SO BIG SHE LOOKED A FREAK.

COMEDIAN Jim Davidson's girlfriend Deborah Corrigan has told for the first time how her 32H curves drove her to the brink of a nervous breakdown.

Beautiful blonde Deborah, 26, spent a staggering pounds 22,000 on FIVE cosmetic operations in her quest for the perfect bust.

Yet the ops to increase the size of her boobs made her life a nightmare and she ended up hating her unnatural, Barbie-doll looks.

So much so that now, like ex-Baywatch star Pammy Anderson, she has had her bust reduced.

"For the first time in years, I'm 100 per cent happy with the way I look," says Deborah, whose breasts are now a more manageable 32D.

"It's a great feeling - my new image has given me a whole new lease of life."

Model Deborah, who has just returned from a New York clinic where she had her last op, admits her desire for a perfect bust nearly destroyed her relationship with Jim, 44, and hurt her career. She sought comfort in drink and was prescribed anti-depressants as her health deteriorated.

"These past two years have been a living nightmare and I went through hell," she says.

"All I'd wanted to do was enhance my boobs to help my job and I saw the operations as investments. Instead they ruined my career - and my life.

"Instead of looking sexy and pretty, I ended up looking repulsive, like some sort of freak show. I hated my body so much I lost all my confidence. I was full of self-loathing.

"I completely lost it and if I hadn't had the reduction op, my insecurity might have sent me over the edge.

"Jim didn't touch my breasts for over a year. I didn't even care because I hated them so much.

"Every woman will understand that if you don't feel sexy, how can any man find you sexy?

"But deep down I knew Jim still cared for me and that he understood how upset I was. I felt terrible. I looked like a nightclub girl with these huge things sticking out. How can anyone take you seriously like that?

"I used to love going out to parties and dinners but I became so self- conscious I hated leaving the house." Every time she went out men would embarrass her by shouting crude comments at her in the street.

"No-one looked into my eyes when they spoke to me," she says. "They talked to my chest. I tried to hide my boobs with baggy blouses and jumpers, but nothing worked.

"I felt like a killer bimbo - and people actually treated me that way."

For six months Deborah's despair got worse. She gave up work, hit the bottle and was diagnosed as clinically depressed by her GP.

She says: "I'd stay in and drink large brandies or have a bottle of wine in front of the telly on my own or have friends around. It really affected my relationship with Jim and caused us so many problems.

"I took Prozac but nothing made me feel better. Alcohol was the only way I could find of blotting it all out.

"Whereas once I'd been careful about what I ate and drank, I didn't care anymore and started comfort eating. Instead of having one bar of chocolate I was eating four at a time.

"I went from 9st 2lb to 1012st and because my boobs were so enormous, looked even fatter. I desperately wanted them reduced but it was a vicious circle. I didn't have the confidence to work but needed to to get money to pay for the operation." Thankfully, Jim stood by Deborah throughout her ordeal and her decision to have the surgery reversed.

"I'm so glad it's all ended happily," adds Deborah. "I'm my own woman and, though I didn't need Jim's approval, his support really helped."

Manchester-born Deborah, who lives in Chelsea, South-West London, was 20 when she started having cosmetic surgery.

OPERATION No 1: Teenage dieting caused her boobs to lose shape. After seeing a Harley Street surgeon, she increased from a 32C to 32DD and went on to become one of Britain's best-loved topless pin-ups.

OPERATION No 2: The silicone implants had left her breasts lumpy and uneven. Two years later corrective surgery increased them by two sizes to 32F. She says: "They looked and felt fantastic and very natural. It cost pounds 3,600, but was worth every penny. Within two weeks I was shooting topless pictures."

OPERATION No 3: The heavy implants started painfully stretching her skin. Her boobs began to droop. So Deborah forked out pounds 4,600 to another Harley Street surgeon but the operation was a disaster. When she came round from the anaesthetic, she discovered her bust had increased by another three sizes.

She recalls: "When I woke to be confronted with these huge breasts sticking out of my chest, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was horrified. I had the biggest boobs I'd ever seen in my life. I looked like some kind of freak."

But the surgeon assured her it was just swelling and that it would go down in about a month. "I prayed for it happen but it never did," she says. "Every time I looked in the mirror I wanted to cry. It was only when I went for my first bra fitting that I realised just how big they were.

"When the lady told me I was a 32H I almost keeled over. I had distorted my body to such an extent I looked grotesque. I looked like a plastic porn star - a cheap tart."

The once bubbly, self-assured beauty was now moody, argumentative, bad-tempered and burst into tears constantly. Her rows with Jim became legendary. She says: "There was I, an ex-Page Three girl with these huge H cups going out with Britain's best-known comedian and a four-times married man. You can imagine the kind of nasty jibes we got. It was embarrassing for him."

OPERATION NO 4: Last summer a friend lent her pounds 6,000 for a breast reduction in New York. The six-hour op tightened the skin and reduced the size to a more manageable 32FF. But as soon as she got back to England, the implants became infected and the stitching unravelled.

She recalls with a shudder: "I had an open wound on each side. I was petrified. Once the infection had cleared, my GP had to sew them back up. They looked awful - and the infection had caused them to harden."

OPERATION NO 5: Deborah had to wait eight months before she could undergo what she reckons is her final operation. And just last week she returned from New York with her trim new 32D breasts costing pounds 5,000.

When the bandages came off she was delighted to see that the doctor had done a fantastic job.

And now, in bid to ditch the Barbie look for good, she's had her hair cut into a chic bob.

She says: "I'm like a different person - and after two years of hell, it's a fantastic feeling.

"Just to be able to walk down the street like a normal pretty girl in a summer dress is so wonderful. There are no scars. It's incredible. I'm even modelling for bra companies again.

"And Jim's happy because I'm happy. Now who knows where I'll go from here..."
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Author:Morrisroe, Clare
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:May 30, 1999
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