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How I Got by: a Family Saga.

How I Got By: A Family Saga

Glenna D. Livingston


1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, Indiana 47403

ISBN 1418499854 $16.95 270 pp.

What started out as a research project of the Underground Railroad System soon turned into a remarkable novel about faith and family. Glenna Livingston takes us on a historical journey with her debut novel, How I Got By: A Family Saga. With her research serving as the backbone for this heroic tale, the intricate details of her studies are prominently displayed throughout the novel and add credence in establishing the characters as believable and their circumstances as real life scenarios to the reader.

How I Got By is the story of three heroines who collectively tell the story of one family's survival. Lily Redmond, born into slavery, but her destiny is freedom. When presented with the opportunity, her faith and strong will not only paves the way to her being free, but it also becomes the anchor that secures her offspring. Readers are then transported into the 1930's and the life of Violet Porter, Lily's great-granddaughter. An aspiring writer, Violet desires to become independent of her mother's iron fist and the responsibilities of running the family business, but a family tragedy forces her to reconsider the desires of her heart. Finally there is Nikki Alexander, Violet's granddaughter. Nikki has alienated herself from the family for 15 years both physically and emotionally. But during a family reunion she learns about her family history and the true meanings of courage, faith, love and forgiveness.

Glenna Livingston is the descendant of slaves and her great-great grandfather used the Underground Railroad to escape slavery in Maryland. Her research project has since been added to the permanent display at Uncle Tom's Cabin located in Dresden, Canada. Livingston currently lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan with her husband and son.

Carey Yazeed, Reviewer
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Author:Yazeed, Carey
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Date:May 1, 2005
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