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How Have IP Laws Related to Nanotechnology Changed over the Last 5 Years?

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Video Leadership Seminars: Capitalizing on Nanotechnology Intellectual Property with Chinh Pham of Greenberg Traurig, LLP to their offering

The goal of this Video Leadership Seminar is to provide lawyers and executives with essential information and strategies for capitalizing on nanotechnology intellectual property. The DVD is viewable on any computer or iPod (that supports video) and features 30 minutes of live video with Chinh H. Pham of Greenberg Traurig, LLP sharing his knowledge of and experience with clients in the nanotechnology industry. The Video Leadership Seminar provides invaluable information for designing a strong IP portfolio, including the steps to take and what to avoid, as well as an overall framework and timeline for how to proceed.

Topics covered in the Video Leadership Seminar include:

- Step by step for capitalizing on nanotechnology IP

- Strategies for negotiating IP terms

- Roles and motivations of the key players

- Laws that impact nanotechnology IP

- Case Studies of specific situations and what you can learn from them

Samples of the types of questions answered in the Video Leadership Seminar include:

- Please start out by giving a brief summary of what you do with respect to helping executives understand nanotechnology and intellectual property issues, as if you were explaining to a new client what you could do on their behalf.

- If you were doing due diligence on a new client, in terms of judging their best course of action and any the best way to help capitalize on interests in nanotechnological intellectual property, what would you look at with respect to their company, competitors, industry or anything else?

- What are the areas or factors that work in your client's favor for the most beneficial result in nanotechnology intellectual property?

- What strategies have you developed personally to help executives and companies with nanotechnology and intellectual property related issues?

- What are the 2-3 items most often negotiated when discussing nanotechnological intellectual property? Why?

- What is the most difficult aspect of structuring the best way for a client to capitalize on nanotechnology and IP?

- What do you consider a success from a negotiations standpoint? Upon what factors will this depend? Why?

- Do you handle negotiations with respect to a settlement between your client and the opposing party any different?

- What are the most significant IP and nanotechnology laws that affect companies? Of these, which is the most important for clients to know about and be in compliance with?

- How have IP laws related to nanotechnology changed over the last 5 years? In your opinion, have these changes been positive or negative?

- How do you explain the financial exposure to your client in a situation such as this? How may financial exposure change during the course of your representation?

About Chinh H. Pham:

Chinh H. Pham heads Greenberg Traurigs nanotechnology practice. He is a registered patent attorney with particular experience in the strategic creation, implementation, and protection of intellectual property rights for high technology and life science clients.

Chinh advises clients, ranging from start-ups to established companies, on the creation and development of patent portfolios through the preparation and filing of patent applications, the acquisition and exploitation of intellectual property rights through licensing and strategic collaboration agreements, and the preparation of invalidity, non-infringement, and freedom-to-operate opinions. Chinh also counsels clients on IP due diligence through the evaluation of client and competitor portfolios. Chinh further assists start up clients with strategies for leveraging their IP portfolio for high-value commercial opportunities, introducing them to funding sources, either through the venture community or the government, as well a

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 21, 2007
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