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How Do You 'Scarf'?

One of the commonest women accessories is the scarf. A scarf is often used for sun protection or religious reasons, but mostly for fashion. It makes women look unique and stylish based on the how well one can tie it. Most times, women can have the dreaded 'bad hair day' or no wig to be used for a particular occasion, and the scarf is usually adopted in this kind of situation, to give the woman a befitting look. In Nigeria, from an online survey, about 40 per cent of women do not know how to tie their scarves correctly. Here are ten superb ways a scarf can be tied to make one look beautiful and stand out when in the midst of others.

This is a very common way of tying scarf especially in Nigeria. It is always very beautiful and fitting when it is done. Before you start tying your scarf, put your hair in a bun, and then wrap the scarf around your head so that the knot is in the front. Now, all you have to do is tuck the loose ends inside of the wrap.


Broad band

It is also another popular example or type of tying a scarf. It is almost similar to a hair band but the only difference is that it is usually a scarf used instead. When doing a broadband, one should get small yard of scarf so that it can be well fitting when it is done. This is an all purpose option that will fit most ladies. Fold the kerchief into a broad strip and tie it behind your head. It looks even better if you wear a 60's hairstyle with your hair tied in a bun on the top of your head.

Frontal knot

This is another beautiful way of tying your scarf. People usually do this type mostly when they have not made their hair yet, all one needs to do is to make sure that the edges of their hair is properly and neatly laid (not compulsory but it will add more beauty to the scarf) to have a more eccentric look. Hairstyles in combination with a kerchief look very elegant, especially when the accessory is tied in a small knot in the front.

Frontal knot

Romantic bow or flower

This particular way of tying a scarf is usually really breathtaking, it makes one stands out wherever you are. This style places all attention on you when it is styled correctly. Firstly, you start putting the scarf around your hair. Place the head wrap at the neck covering your ears, then you bring the end forward and tie the front into a knot in the centre then you tie a bow as you would with a lace and leave the end free on the flaps of the bow. Tying your kerchief like this is guaranteed to put all eyes on you; to add to the effect, pick a brightly colored one.


The traditional way to wear your scarf or kerchief is not in the least out of fashion today. If your headwear is large, better make a loose tie on the neck, and if it's a small one, then wear it like they did in the 70's.

Pirate style

An easy way to tie your headband is 'pirate style,' like a bandanna. It will protect you from the sun on hot days and go magnificently with sunglasses. To get a pirate style, the first thing to do is that you fold the bandana in half to create a triangle shape. On a flat surface, pull one tip of the bandana to the opposite tip to form a triangle. Then you will place the folded edge of the bandana across your forehead. Pick up the bandana by the two opposite ends and bring the middle of the long edge up to your forehead, just above your eyebrows, and let the triangle shape cover your head. Then knot the two opposite ends of the bandana. Tie the long ends of the bandana into a knot at the back of your head. Pull the ends of the bandana tight and once you are happy with the placement of the first knot, tie a second knot over the top. With this you have gotten the successful way of gaining the pirate style.


70's kerchief

Tying your scarf like this isn't hard at all. First put it on your head, then criss-cross its loose ends under your chin, and loosely tie them behind the neck.


In the past century even currently, a turban is known as a garment, that is usually very clean, that is worn by some people because their religion and culture requires it. Turbans are made from long strips of cloth (up to 30ft) and wrapped around the head. The method of wrapping can tell an observer a lot about the wearer's background. The simplest way to tie your kerchief like this is to treat it like a towel you tie after washing your head: bend forward, make a tight strap out of the kerchief's ends, and tuck it under the free side behind the head.

Kerchief woven into the plait

This is an interesting combination of an accessory and your hairstyle. The plait itself could be then made into a high hairdo or a low bun. To get this, first you start with your hair down or pulled into an up-do. Any of the steps in this section can be completed with your hair loose. You can also pull your hair up into a high ponytail, top knot, or bun first. Then you wrap and tie a scarf around your head like a headband. Place a skinny fabric scarf against the nape of your neck. Pull the ends of the scarf towards the top of your head and tie them into a double-knot.

70's kerchief

The next step is to begin with a knotted headband, then tie the ends into a bow. Start with a long, skinny scarf wrapped and tied around your head, like a head band. Next, fold the ends of the scarf into loops, and tie them together again to create a bow. Then tuck the ends of a knotted headband scarf for a seamless look. Wrap a thin scarf around your head, twist the ends together once to tighten the headband.

Tuck the ends of the scarf under the headband to hide them from view. Secure the headband with bobby pins, if needed. Lastly, Begin with a knotted headband, then twist the ends into a rosette.

Start with a skinny scarf tied around your head like a head band. Twist the ends clockwise to make two skinny ropes, then twist them together counterclockwise to make a thicker rope. Coil the rope it into a bun, then tuck the ends of the rope under the knot to secure them.

Scarf braided into the hair

This is also another beautiful way of tying your scarf and looking really elegant. The first step is to braid a thin scarf into a pair of milk braids. Part your hair in the middle, then drape a thin scarf around your nape. Split the left side of your hair into two strands, and create a braid, using the left side of the scarf as the third strand.

70's kerchief

Tie the braid with an elastic, then repeat the process on the right side. Wrap both braids over the top of your head, then tie them together using the leftover scarf. Then you weave a scarf headband into a braid.

Wrap a long, skinny scarf around your head like a head band, tie it into a knot under your head at your nape. Split your hair into three strands, making the middle one thicker.

Add each half of the scarf to the two thin outer strands. Braid the three strands together. When you run out of hair, wrap and tie the ends of the scarf around the end of your braid.
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