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How British Political Journalist and Thriller Writer Jonathan Freedland Saw Trump Coming.

Jonathan Freedland is one of Britain's foremost political journalists, and arguably its most prominent Jewish one. Writing under the pseudonym Sam Bourne, he continues in the British tradition (Chesterton, le Carre) of using genre fiction, especially the conventions of the mystery or spy thriller, with their murders and betrayals and deceit, to meditate on the nature of society, humanity and morality. The result here is To Kill the President, which deftly uses the thriller genre to critique a volatile, likely unhinged, president who remains unnamed throughout. It's a trope that works to good effect in what is an exceptionally good novel. Naming this manwho comes complete with a "personal bankruptcy lawyer," is given to fervid tweeting in the middle of the night, is busy rolling out a "Registry of Muslim Citizens," and has, by the first few pages of the book, groped a White House cleaner and kissed the Dutch Ambassador inappropriatelywould be an act of redundancy.

So, let us just say it: This book is about Donald Trump. As such, it becomes a text that works on two levels: as a highly intelligent political thriller and as a novel of the Zeitgeist.

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Author:Patrikarakos, David
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Mar 1, 2018
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