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How's the snow? The road? Numbers to call.

Protruding boulders and barren slopes can be disappointmens for early-season snow-sports enthusiasts. If you're planning a November trip to the snow, avoid frustration and travel delays, especially if there's skiing over the Thanksgiving holiday, by calling ahead for road and snow conditions.

Travel council, ski association, and highway patrol reports are good sources of information. If you're going to the mountains in California, Colorado, Nevada, or Utah this winter, try these telephone numbers.

California. For road conditions in the Lake Tahoe area, call the highway patrol in Truckee at (916) 587-3806. For the Mammoth area, call (619) 873-6366 for a recorded report. For Southern California, it's (714) 888-6501. Issued daily, reports are updated whenever travel conditions change.

To get recorded weather information for Lake Tahoe, call (916) 583-0677. In Mammoth, call (619) 873-3213; after 3:30 weekdays and 5:30 on weekends, you'll get a taped message. For Southern California, dial (714) 885-7515. Reports are updated every day. The AMI-Ski Media network provides daily snow condition and ski information for northern California, the Reno--Carson City area, and major destination resorts in the Rocky Moutains; call (415) 982-1771 for a recorded message.

Colorado. All telephone numbers are area code 303. For road conditions in Denver and mountains immediately west, call 639-1111. The state highway patrol updates the report every 4 hours.

For snow conditions in the state, call 837-9907. Colorado Ski Country updates this report every morning by 8. Early-morning skiers can call by 5:30 for the Red Eye Report on conditions at participating ski areas. For more information, call Colorado Ski Country at 837-0793.

To get a state recreation forecast for Colorado, call 639-1515; for just the Denver area including Stapleton International Airport (in case you're flying in), call 639-1212.

Many ski areas have recorded reports on snow conditions. For a complete listing of ski areas including addresses, phone numbers, rates, hours, and dates of operation, get a copy of Colorado Ski Country USA, Consumer Guide. It's updated yearly and is free. Write to Colorado Ski Country USA, 1410 Grant St., Suite A-201, Denver 80203.

Nevada. All numbers are area code 702. The Department of Transportation provides a road reporting service, updated two or three times a day; call 793-1313 for a recorded message.

To get weather forecasts for the RenoCarson City area (they are updated daily by the National Weather Service), call 786-6111.

Utah. All numbers are area code 801. The highway patrol provides a recorded road report; call 964-6000 for a daily update. For reports on weather, road, and snow conditions, updated daily by the Utah Travel Council, call 521-8102.

The Utah Ski Association provides daily updates on snow depth and quality at mountain resorts; call 534-1779. Ski Utah lists resorts, including prices, hours, dates of operation, and phone numbers. It's free from the Utah Ski Association; write to Ski Utah, 307 West 200 South, Suite 5005, Salt Lake City 84101. For more information

For a complete list of ski areas in the United States and Canada, see The White Book of Ski Areas, a widely recommended, informative directory. If you can't find it in your library, write to the publisher (Inter-Ski Services, Box 3635, Washington, D.C. 20007) for a copy of the newest edition, published in October 1984. Cost is $13 postpaid.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) provides trvel information and emergency road service for members. Call your state association for details.
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