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Houston Cellular Selects Tekelec's MGTS 2000 To Test and Monitor SS7 Network.

MORRISVILLE, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 8, 1998--Tekelec (NASDAQ/NM:TKLC) announced today that Houston Cellular has selected Tekelec's MGTS 2000 to test, monitor and maintain its Signaling System 7 (SS7) networks. MGTS 2000 is Tekelec's new maintenance, diagnostic and surveillance system for wireline and wireless network providers.

"The MGTS 2000 provides an integrated, comprehensive view of one of Houston Cellular's most important assets: its SS7 network," explains Cecil Boyd, vice president and general manager of Tekelec's Intelligent Network Diagnostics division. "Tekelec recognized the technological burden imposed on service providers in maintaining and operating their SS7 networks and has made ease of use a primary goal of MGTS 2000."

Kevin Haynes, sr. manager of switching systems design and planning for Houston Cellular, says, "Houston Cellular has consistently been a leader in the introduction of new products and services to the local market. We selected Tekelec's MGTS 2000 because of its strengths and the fact that it is based on the proven technology of MGTS (Message Generator Traffic Simulator), a leader in signaling diagnostics. We are impressed with the high quality of Tekelec's products and service; a pair of Eagle STPs (Signal Transfer Points) are operating in our network.

"We expect MGTS 2000 to reduce the network operating cost for Houston Cellular in terms of investment, capital equipment and personnel, while maximizing our flexibility in network deployment and infrastructure integration," adds Haynes. "The power of MGTS 2000 made the decision to choose the Tekelec solution easy."

Houston Cellular is a partnership owned by AT&T and BellSouth. Houston Cellular was formed in 1984 and has over 35 company retail stores in the Houston/Galveston area. Its phones and services are also offered through numerous other retailers in the Houston/Galveston area.

On its own and through its partners, AT&T and BellSouth, Houston Cellular has roaming agreements with many U.S. markets, enabling its customers to use their cellular phones virtually anywhere in the U.S. Houston Cellular also offers a nationwide digital network, including over 60 cities, and its Global Roaming Service allows customers to travel abroad in over 60 countries with their Houston Cellular phone numbers. For more information, visit the Houston Cellular website at

Tekelec is a leading supplier of innovative network switching solutions and advanced diagnostic systems that enable rapid delivery of advanced communication products and services for the global communications marketplace. Tekelec's EAGLE STP switching platform is designed to meet the complex requirements of SS7 networks and enable wireline and wireless network operators to deliver intelligent network services. Tekelec's diagnostic systems are used by communication suppliers and service providers to design, install and maintain their communications equipment and networks. Visit the Tekelec website at

Tekelec logo and EAGLE are registered trademarks of Tekelec.

 CONTACT: Joni Brooks
 Marketing Communications Manager
 Intelligent Network Diagnostics
 Kevin Haynes
 Sr. Manager
 Switching Systems Design and Planning
 Houston Cellular

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Date:Jun 8, 1998
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