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City releases new report on how it plans to make housing fairer. Nov 18, 2020 692
Rollback the rollback. Nov 16, 2020 1673
HUD Issues Final Revised Disparate Impact Rule. Nov 1, 2020 337
How Evelyn Sanguinetti plans to fight for fair housing in the suburbs. Marie Wilson Aug 2, 2020 1798
Sanguinetti returns to old goal: fair housing. Marie Wilson Aug 2, 2020 1799
Beware what you wish for with fair housing law. Aug 2, 2020 298
Sanguinetti returns to old goal: fair housing Fair: HUD move endorses residential segregation, Sanguinetti quotes alliance saying. Marie Wilson Aug 2, 2020 1799
Kuwaiti women demand equal housing citizenship rights. Samir Salama, Associate Editor Jun 24, 2020 571
Northbrook village leaders set diversity goals. Madhu Krishnamurthy Jun 18, 2020 349
Mount Prospect to Host Housing Rights Webinar Series. Village of Mount Prospect Jun 13, 2020 165
Google's new rules clamp down on discriminatory housing, job ads. Jun 12, 2020 339
Source-of-Income Discrimination and the Fair Housing Act. Schwemm, Robert G. Mar 22, 2020 37418
Why We Wrote Moving Toward Integration. Sander, Richard; Kucheva, Yana Mar 22, 2020 4199
Global Neighborhoods' Contribution to Declining Residential Segregation. Logan, John R.; Zhang, Wenquan Mar 22, 2020 4626
Reflections on "Moving Toward Integration" and Modern Exclusionary-Zoning Cases Under the Fair Housing Act. Schwemm, Robert G. Mar 22, 2020 11847
The Pieces of Housing Integration. Barnes, Kristen Mar 22, 2020 13031
Reverse Redlining in the Subprime Mortgage Market: Comments on "Moving Toward Integration: The Past and Future of Fair Housing". Mansfield, Cathy Lesser Mar 22, 2020 4186
Moving Toward Sustainable Residential Integration with Racial Justice and Social Equity. Lind, Kermit Mar 22, 2020 7178
A Brief Comment on the Symposium Articles. Sander, Richard; Kucheva, Yana Mar 22, 2020 5474
A Federal Builder's Remedy for Exclusionary Zoning. Stern, Eric E. Mar 1, 2020 21451
Biggest ever court award made against landlord who banned ex cons. Nov 13, 2019 451
Transitional Justice in Housing Injustice: The Case of Housing Rights Violations Within Settler Democracies. Totry-Jubran, Manal Oct 1, 2019 19449
Disparate Impact Rule Moving in Right Direction. Oct 1, 2019 394
Sit in on talk about Fair Housing Amendments Act. Sep 5, 2019 180
He challenged the cardinal on racial injustice. Day, Mark R. Interview Aug 9, 2019 1611
City vows to protect immigrants as feds move on public housing ban. Mollot, Sabina Jul 31, 2019 278
Gross: The next step toward fair housing is awareness and enforcement. May 21, 2019 819
Facebook Announces Sweeping Changes for Marketers. Upano, Nicole May 1, 2019 396
HOPE Fair Housing to get federal funding. Apr 13, 2019 332
New York bans source of income discrimination. Apr 10, 2019 505
Facebook charged with housing discrimination Facebook:. Mae Anderson and Barbara Ortutay AP Technology Writers Mar 29, 2019 539
Facebook facing housing discrimination charges from HUD. Mar 28, 2019 311
HUD Sues Facebook, Alleges Discrimination In Housing Ads. Dave Royse Mar 28, 2019 675
HUD charges Facebook with violating Fair Housing Act through ad platform. Mar 28, 2019 137
A Social Norm Theory of Regulating Housing Speech Under the Fair Housing Act. Stern, Stephanie M. Mar 22, 2019 21137
Citi could be fined for fair lending breach. Mar 21, 2019 154
Citi could be fined for fair lending breach. Mar 21, 2019 152
How Facebook ads will change Facebook: Some argued the site violated the Fair Housing Act. Barbara Ortutay AP Technology Writer Mar 20, 2019 569
Affordable housing developers to get $150K from village. Chaney, Matt Mar 14, 2019 450
Environment and Energy Economics. Mar 1, 2019 386
Development of the American Economy. Mar 1, 2019 215
NAA/NMHC Push Back on Proposed Source of Income Legislation. Jan 1, 2019 529
Worcester foreclosure defendants make emotional plea to SJC. Olson, Kris Dec 13, 2018 964
HUD Fair Housing Rule. Dec 1, 2018 209
Md.'s largest counties sue two banks over minority mortgages. Nov 21, 2018 363
Warren, Bronson, Gruber rally in support of gender identity law. Fanelli, Gino Oct 22, 2018 356
Mo. Couple Claims Discrimination In Retirement Housing Case. Oct 1, 2018 278
Fair Housing Act lawsuit filed. Sep 28, 2018 198
Requiring proof of residency may be Fair Housing violation. Chaney, Matthew Sep 24, 2018 786
Requiring proof of residency may be Fair Housing violation. Chaney, Matt Sep 19, 2018 791
1 in 10 letting agents refuse to take on families that claim housing benefits - the worst offenders; The rules apply even if they CAN afford to pay the rent. Aug 22, 2018 561
Facebook Removes Ad Categories Based On Race, Religion. Aug 22, 2018 368
Justice Department backs suit accusing Facebook of violating Fair Housing Act. NYT Aug 18, 2018 556
US regulators target Facebook on discriminatory housing ads. Aug 18, 2018 427
THE EXODUS: How an Illinois town got caught up in Ben Carson's crusade against fair housing. Murphy, Tim Jul 1, 2018 8167
Best practices create fair housing for all. Jun 22, 2018 879
Federal, state sober-living regulations intersect: The Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act are two federal laws that prevent discriminatory housing practices. Singh, Lillie Jun 22, 2018 861
British parliamentarians meet with FBiH parliament officials. May 30, 2018 222
Zuraida says will focus on equal housing opportunities, minority rights. May 18, 2018 339
Beating racism. Apr 17, 2018 185
Fair Housing Act at 50: Realtors still encounter discriminatory sellers. Apr 12, 2018 508
Fair Housing Act at 50: The face of discrimination has changed. Apr 10, 2018 801
IREM celebrates 50 years of Fair Housing. Apr 4, 2018 304
Fair Housing. Prokop, Susan Apr 1, 2018 869
OBSERVATIONS. Lowry, Jeff Apr 1, 2018 436
Fair Housing at 50: What the First Half-Century Can Tell Us About the Future. Kitay, Theresa L. Apr 1, 2018 3132
In the Spirit of Fair Housing: A Closer Look at Building Inclusive Communities: In commemoration of the anniversary of the passage of the Fair Housing Act, two property management firms count inclusivity as part of their greater mission as housing providers. Schober, Lindsey Apr 1, 2018 547
Do's & Don'ts: for Non-Discriminatory Resident Screening. Cronrod, Robbie Apr 1, 2018 809
Felons are not protected against housing discrimination. Mar 31, 2018 713
Facebook sued over allegedly allowing discriminatory housing ads, Bloomberg says. Mar 27, 2018 136
Discriminatorybnb: A Discussion of Airbnb's Race Problem, Its New Anti-Discrimination Policies, and the Need for External Regulation. McCloskey, Jason Mar 22, 2018 7981
OBSERVATIONS. Lowry, Jeff Mar 1, 2018 435
MYTHBUSTERS, UNITE! Training and education are the most potent weapons against ignorance in affordable housing. Salustri, John Mar 1, 2018 1478
Facing an ethical gray area? Use the "Is it fair, is it right?"test. York, Carl D. Mar 1, 2018 652
ARTICLE 2 CHALLENGING JIM CROW SEGREGATED HOUSING IN ST. LOUIS THROUGH COMMUNITY EDUCATION: The Narrative of Ruth Harris and Ruth Porter. Garry, Vanessa Report Jan 1, 2018 5477
Affordable homes pact reached in Brooklyn Triangle zoning wrangle. Dec 6, 2017 502
A New Framework for Understanding Puerto Ricans' Migration Patterns and Incorporation. Velez, William Essay Sep 22, 2017 11061
New Yorker buys Section 8 property: Candlebrook Properties. Aug 2, 2017 180
Bill protects Section 8 fund. Aug 1, 2017 535
How Trump's budget cuts will hurt Section 8 housing tenants. Bautista, Christian Jul 5, 2017 976
Your Sexuality Could Affect Your Rent, Study Finds. Jul 3, 2017 600
Understanding accessible housing: The fair housing act. Jul 1, 2017 627
On the higher public float. Jun 20, 2017 751
New white paper analyzes recent HUD actions. Jun 1, 2017 236
Utah rental housing industry receives $1 million for section 8 guarantee fund. Jun 1, 2017 304
Halcyon House Celebrates Grand Re-Opening - A Complete 200 Unit Renovation for One of the Last Remaining Affordable Properties in Downtown Denver. May 2, 2017 722
Disparate impact lacks an impact: the need for Pay for Success programs to house formerly incarcerated people. Schneider, Eva Coruzzi May 1, 2017 27113
Campaign for enforcement of tobacco control launched. Apr 18, 2017 226
Hagedorn charged over 'undeclared assets'. Mar 22, 2017 573
Tawi-Tawi solon to stand trial at Sandigan. Mar 13, 2017 311
Tawi-Tawi lawmaker to stand trial for failing to file assets reports on time. Mar 12, 2017 389
NAHB CEO to keynote BuildingsNY Show. Mar 1, 2017 320
FBI Releases Documents In Trump Housing Discrimination Probe. Feb 16, 2017 396
Bucky Lasek. Frazier, Mike Jan 1, 2017 2815
Tawi-Tawi lawmaker faces court cases for SALN violations. Jan 1, 2017 374
Sandigan clears Andanar's pa in ethics case. Nov 18, 2016 506
Twiqbal, INC.: finding disparate-impact claims cognizable under the Fair Housing Act and raising serious concerns in the process. Cummings, Steven Sep 22, 2016 10674
HUD issues guidance for renting to people with criminal history. Lomo, Andrew Jul 1, 2016 1047
Missed opportunity: furthering fair housing in the housing choice voucher program. Seicshnaydre, Stacy Jun 22, 2016 11549
Who do you ask? Who do you tell? Brokers walking on eggshells in wake of new fair housing guidelines. Dutton, Holly Jun 8, 2016 1258
Now what? HUD's guidance on screening ex-offenders. Upano, Nicole Interview May 1, 2016 2349
Race and privilege. Freivogel, William H. Mar 22, 2016 2418
In the land of Dred Scott. Freivogel, William H. Mar 22, 2016 4351
2015 Key NAA/NMHC accomplishments. Mar 1, 2016 899
Center for Justice suit claims Ridgeland seeks to cleanse SE Ridgeland of minorities: legal action is on behalf of residents of Baymeadows and four other apartment complexes targeted for demolition. Carter, Ted Feb 19, 2016 762
Understanding accessible housing the Fair Housing Act. Feb 1, 2016 582
HUD says foreclosure-rescue firms violated Fair Housing Act. Feb 1, 2016 318
Tickets out of poverty? Housing voucher recipients can move to better neighborhoods only if states and localities break down suburban barriers. Blumgart, Jake Jan 1, 2016 3694
5 legal decisions that impacted the insurance industry. Dec 1, 2015 1426
Ridgeland hit with yet another housing discrimination suit: federal complaint alleges City targeted minorities in seeking removal of hundreds of apartment units. Carter, Ted Nov 13, 2015 1338
Indecision over disparate impact. Sheridan, Terry Oct 1, 2015 5098
Serving more than one master: a social network analysis of section 8 of the Clayton Act. Fischer, Eric N. Sep 22, 2015 12491
Setting the stage for Ferguson: housing discrimination and segregation in St. Louis. Oliveri, Rigel C. Sep 22, 2015 9789
Housing discrimination in Long Beach. Woo, Nancy Lynee Sep 22, 2015 2445
Affirmatively furthering fair housing rule: HUD's role in social engineering? Fulmer, Ann D. Sep 1, 2015 1077
Cases with consequences: recent Supreme Court rulings were game-changers for the states - and not just because of the decisions on health care and same-sex marriage. Soronen, Lisa Sep 1, 2015 1972
U.S. Supreme Court upholds disparate impact liability. Aug 1, 2015 353
Emotional support animals: NAA policy statement. Brown, Greg Aug 1, 2015 505
Using Title IX and the model of public housing to prevent housing discrimination against survivors of sexual assaults on college campuses. Cleary, Shannon Jul 22, 2015 7343
Time for TV In The SC. Jul 3, 2015 383
Affordable Housing, Racial Isolation. Jul 2, 2015 540
The steal. Staigers, Florentina Jul 1, 2015 1064
Disparate Impact Decision Produces Mixed Reactions. Jun 26, 2015 517
Unrest grips Telangana as CM threatens indefinite fast. Jun 25, 2015 822
Disparate Impact Stands in Housing: Supreme Court. Jun 25, 2015 312
Brooks column takes the cake. Letter to the editor Apr 10, 2015 138
Is the wait almost over? The insurance industry watches as the U.S. Supreme Court finally considers whether the Fair Housing Act allows claims for discriminatory impact. Stuart, Sharon D. Apr 1, 2015 3680
Senior Transition Guide Stays Up to Date on Senior Housing Laws at Fair Housing Act Conference. Conference news Mar 27, 2015 817
Boricuas, barrios and birth outcomes: residential segregation and preterm birth among Puerto Ricans in the United States. Britton, Marcus L.; Velez, William Report Mar 22, 2015 11203
HUD's disparate impact theory rejected. Mar 1, 2015 452
LSE calls for Unified Order Book for exhanges. Feb 26, 2015 1066
Rental help list to open Friday. Feb 26, 2015 377
Audio: U.S. Supreme Court Hears Texas Housing Discrimination Case. Jan 22, 2015 114
Supporters Defend Housing Discrimination Standard. Jan 9, 2015 339
WHA to offer vouchers to 500 additional families. Petrishen, Brad Dec 10, 2014 459
Federal court vacates HUD's disparate impact rule. Dec 1, 2014 151
Wells reaches $5 million settlement with HUD. Nov 1, 2014 622
FirstBank Mortgage Partners settles allegations over maternity leave. Nov 1, 2014 245
Shaky ground for black homeowners. Brief article Sep 22, 2014 139
Searches of digital devices incident to arrest: R v Fearon. Penney, Steven Sep 13, 2014 2589
The making of Ferguson: long before the shooting of Michael Brown, official racial-isolation policies primed Ferguson for this summer's events. Rothstein, Richard Sep 1, 2014 5247
An Examination of Crime Perception and Arkansas Fair Housing. Montague, David; Rynders, Shannon; Bearden, Jennifer; Miller, Jennifer M.; Johnson, Carol; Blank, Em Report Sep 1, 2014 6545
Four things to know about requests from deaf applicants and residents: follow these simple steps to ensure the rights of the deaf/hard of hearing and avoid fair housing violations. Upano, Nicole Aug 1, 2014 612
In defense of disparate impact: urban redevelopment and the Supreme Court's recent interest in the Fair Housing Act. Schneider, Valerie Jun 22, 2014 21234
Fighting hidden discrimination: disparate impact claims under the Fair Housing Act. Milford, Sean Jun 22, 2014 7130
McCAUSLAND SNUBS CATHOLIC RESIDENTS; DUP minister blasted for refusing to meet group over housing discrimination claims. Jun 5, 2014 471
The civil rights canon: above and below. Brown-Nagin, Tomiko Jun 1, 2014 15739
Ackerman's 'Civil Rights Revolution' and modern American racial politics. Smith, Rogers M. Jun 1, 2014 13016
Turning away millions that could fund mission: Sterling controversy shines light on charity gift acceptance policies. Hrywna, Mark; Sullivan, Patrick Jun 1, 2014 1552
Section 8 dissection: Senate panel hears tweaks to renter anti-discrimination bill. Sanders, Bob May 2, 2014 431
Disparate impact: a conundrum wrapped in enigma and paradox. Fulmer, Ann Apr 1, 2014 1097
Alicia Skillman: Detroit: Equal Housing Advocacy. Kay, Sheryl Mar 1, 2014 304
Album. Feb 1, 2014 346
CATHOLIC HOUSING BIAS ROW; McCausland faces accusations of 21st century 'gerrymandering'. Jan 15, 2014 429
Disparate impact and real estate managers and owners. Jan 1, 2014 983
HUD same-sex housing discrimination study. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 143
Fair housing and equal opportunity. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 205
Economic vulnerability and financial fragility. Emmons, William R.; Noeth, Bryan J. Sep 1, 2013 9357
discrimiNATION LED TO LOUD CALLS FOR CHANGE. Aug 22, 2013 119
For fair housing: there's an app for that. Green, Nadeen Jul 1, 2013 221
HUD/DOJ issue new guidance on accessibility 'design and construction' requirements for Fair Housing Act. Jun 1, 2013 121
Public infrastructure disparities and the microbiological and chemical safety of drinking and surface water supplies in a community bordering a landfill. Heaney, Christopher D.; Wing, Steve; Wilson, Sacoby M.; Campbell, Robert L.; Caldwell, David; Hopkin Report Jun 1, 2013 8417
New HUD guidance on Fair Housing Act for multifamily design. Tucker, Michael Jun 1, 2013 147
Industry weighs in on plan to open up co-op market. Rodriguez, Orlando Lee May 1, 2013 698
Fair housing case settled; HUD issues penalties. Apr 17, 2013 393
Congress fails Americans who need housing help. Apr 17, 2013 778
Is Section 8 funding letter a sign of things to come? Apr 7, 2013 701
HUD steps up with rule on disparate impact. Apr 1, 2013 172
Tulsa on track to end chronic homelessness: Mental Health Association's no-debt model leverages private funds and sparks citywide effort. Grantham, Dennis Mar 1, 2013 1755
HUD, PNC bank settle maternity discrimination claim involving VA loan. Mar 1, 2013 350
Fair housing and maintenance--no fondling, pleas. Green, Nadeen Feb 1, 2013 478
Cluttered apartments and complicated tenancies: a collaborative intervention approach to tenant "hoarding" under the Fair Housing Act. Ligatti, Christopher C. Feb 1, 2013 16917
The American dream, redeemed: how to make homeownership a safe bet for minority borrowers. Cramer, Reid Column Jan 1, 2013 954
How to deal with hoarding and fair housing. Dec 1, 2012 495
Congress questions DOJ's involvement in disparate impact. Nov 1, 2012 288
Residential segregation, socioeconomic status, and disability: a multi-level study of Puerto Ricans in the United States. Burgos, Giovani; Rivera, Fernando I. Report Sep 22, 2012 13151
Is the inability to marry a marital status? Levin v. Yeshiva University and the intersection of sexual orientation and marital status in housing discrimination. Kravis, Andrew Sep 22, 2012 11192
Supreme court urged to address disparate impact claims. Sep 1, 2012 332
IREM releases income and expense data. Aug 1, 2012 191
Breaking curfew: imposing curfews on minors creates fair-housing concerns. Green, Nadeen Aug 1, 2012 580
Housing discrimination. Jul 1, 2012 182
Industry concerned about PHMA leak and valve studies. Jul 1, 2012 774
8(a) and Alaska native corporations: working as intended to help fulfill mandates. Cottrell, Paula Jun 1, 2012 1563
Collaborative compliance: a national civil rights organization is collaborating with apartment developers to help ensure compliance with accessibility and Fair Housing laws. Boston, Lauren Company overview Jun 1, 2012 1794
Elucidating the role of place in health care disparities: the example of racial/ethnic residential segregation. White, Kellee; Haas, Jennifer S.; Williams, David R. Jun 1, 2012 8014
Disparate impact rule: federal regulator targets risk-based insurance pricing. Detlefsen, Robert May 1, 2012 1059
Charges against Bank of America. May 1, 2012 212
'Fair' for whom? Fulmer, Ann Jan 1, 2012 1686
Clearing up ADA and FHA: it is not unusual to hear questions about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or to have multifamily housing professionals refer to the ADA when they really mean the FHA - Fair Housing Act. Green, Nadeen Jan 1, 2012 571
No single ladies need apply: who's going to shovel the snow? Nov 1, 2011 318
Greensboro, N.C., provides fair housing outreach to Arabic community. Turner, Laura Sep 12, 2011 206
A sad goodbye from Legal Assistance staff: the sad irony is that in times such as these, our services are needed more than ever. Berry, Elliott; Tobin, John Aug 26, 2011 486
Lebanon: the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has charged the owner of a five-unit apartment building in Lebanon with violating the Fair Housing Act for allegedly refusing to rent one of the building's three residential units to families with children. Brief article Jun 17, 2011 122
A decade of discrimination. Holbrook, Emily May 1, 2011 652
HUD's fair housing campaign to focus on ensuring equal access for LGBT people. May 1, 2011 296
Damages under the Privacy Act: sovereign immunity and a call for legislative reform. Kardon, Alex Mar 22, 2011 25686
Neighbor-on-neighbor harassment: does the Fair Housing Act make a federal case out of it? Schwemm, Robert G. Mar 22, 2011 37710
U.S. sues Rockland landlord over housing discrimination. Mar 11, 2011 110
Mending the safety net through source of income protections: the nexus between antidiscrimination and social welfare law. Flagg, Kinara Jan 1, 2011 22216
Through the looking glass and beyond: the future of disparate impact doctrine under Title VIII. Sacher, Lindsey E. Dec 22, 2010 20666
Safe Houses. Cheslow, Daniella Dec 17, 2010 1273
Israel Attorney General Investigating Rabbis. Klein, Dan Brief article Dec 9, 2010 204
Fire the Rabbis. Leibovitz, Liel Dec 9, 2010 318
Collective action federalism: a general theory of article I, section 8. Cooter, Robert D.; Siegel, Neil S. Dec 1, 2010 36059
This month in real estate history. Oct 1, 2010 577
A Herculean leap for the hard case of post-acquisition claims: interpreting Fair Housing Act section 3604(b) after Modesto. Pennisi, Mary Oct 1, 2010 31081
The gentrifying effects of brownfields redevelopment. Essoka, Jonathan D. Report Sep 22, 2010 9470
AG sues Brooklyn landlord for race discrimination. Jul 6, 2010 134
Transcendent homosexuals and dangerous sex offenders: sexual harm and freedom in the judicial imaginary. Fischel, Joseph J. May 1, 2010 20199
Senior moment? fair housing does apply to 'adult communities'. Green, Nadeen; Haislip, Scot May 1, 2010 1620
Line in the sand: progressive lawyering, "master communities," and a battle for affordable housing in New York City. Brescia, Raymond H. Mar 22, 2010 21024
An interpretive framework for narrower immunity under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Dickinson, Gregory M. Mar 22, 2010 8736
The Internet is for discrimination: practical difficulties and theoretical hurdles facing the Fair Housing Act online. Wholey, Matthew T. Jan 1, 2010 19771
Mormons, gays find commonality. Brief article Nov 27, 2009 156
Operatively white? Exploring the significance of race and class through the paradox of black middle-classness. McFarlane, Audrey G. Sep 22, 2009 17451
Fortieth selected bibliography on computers, technology and the law (January 2008 through December 2008). Bibliography Jun 22, 2009 21013
The high cost of segregation: exploring racial disparities in high-cost lending. Been, Vicki; Ellen, Ingrid; Madar, Josiah Apr 1, 2009 12408
Shades of the American dream. Brown, Dorothy A. Mar 1, 2009 22503
The Fair Housing Act, the Communications Decency Act, and the right of roommate seekers to discriminate online. Wilemon, Kevin M. Jan 1, 2009 12295
The (limited) significance of the individual in section 117 state residence discrimination. Simpson, Amelia Aug 1, 2008 18105
Roommate-matching Web site discriminates, Ninth Circuit rules. Walters, Cecily Jul 1, 2008 528
Discriminatory practices. May 1, 2008 467
Structural and personal factors related to access to housing and housing stability among urban drug users in Hartford, Connecticut. Dickson-Gomez, Julia; Convey, Mark; Hilario, Helena; Corbett, A. Michelle; Weeks, Margaret Mar 22, 2008 12583
Crunching the numbers on housing discrimination. Little, Aiesha D. Mar 1, 2008 874
Fair housing at 40: take steps to minimize housing discrimination risks. Garland, Liam Mar 1, 2008 507
Judicial activism in the service of privilege: New York's First Department makes special rules for special defendants. Gurian, Craig Jan 1, 2008 14719
Justifying facial discrimination by government defendants under the Fair Housing Act: which standard to apply? Bridges, Kaitlin A. Jan 1, 2008 8467
Unfair housing on the Internet: the effect of the Communications Decency Act on the Fair Housing Act. Crossett, J. Andrew Jan 1, 2008 7887
Rethinking the Communications Decency Act: eliminating statutory protections of discriminatory housing advertisements on the Internet. Shanahan, James D. Dec 1, 2007 8600
World YWCA leaders and the UN decade for women. Garner, Karen Nov 1, 2007 10688
Race nuisance: the politics of law in the Jim Crow era. Godsil, Rachel D. Dec 1, 2006 26279
Fighting for our troops on the home front: disabled tenants in military housing sometimes face discrimination. Litigation can enforce their rights against the private companies that manage base housing. Ni, Victoria Sep 1, 2006 3509
The Fair Housing Act and disparate impact in homeowners insurance. Kaersvang, Dana L. Aug 1, 2006 13701
Land use and housing policies to reduce concentrated poverty and racial segregation. Orfield, Myron Mar 1, 2006 22512
Complaints up: national reports say complaints are up, but discrimination is still dramatically underreported. Curry, Pat Jul 1, 2005 588
Dimensions and dynamics of residential segregation by income in urban Canada, 1991-1996. Ross, Nancy A.; Houle, Christian; Dunn, James R.; Aye, Marcellin Dec 22, 2004 7448
Gimme shelter: does the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 require accommodations for the financial circumstances of the disabled? Rosenau, Brian R. Nov 1, 2004 13185
Court matters. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 285
Clarifying the federal Fair Housing Act's exemption for reasonable occupancy restrictions. Iglesias, Tim Oct 1, 2004 28174
Deal reched in largest housing discrimination case. Brown, Carolyn M. Brief Article Jun 1, 2004 117
Preserving elders' housing rights: elderly people who have suffered discrimination are increasingly turning to federal law to secure greater housing opportunities and protect their rights. Silverstein, Susan Ann Oct 1, 2003 5042
Not this house! Fighting racial steering. (Buying Power). Alleyne, Sonia Aug 1, 2003 619
Secret opportunity: every day you may unwittingly turn away current sales and future referrals. (Market Expansion). Farnsworth, Christina B. Jul 1, 2003 2809
Homeownership: a foundation for wealth. (Publisher's Page). Graves, Earl G., Sr. Jul 1, 2003 584
Court case threatens civil rights protection. Caputo, Angela Jul 1, 2003 2543
"The American dilemma revisited: remarks from a social scientist. (Special section: the American dilemma revisited: psychoanalysis, social policy, and the socio-cultural meaning of race). Massey, Douglas Mar 22, 2003 2193
Emotional harm in housing discrimination cases: a new look at a lingering problem. Goode, Victor M.; Johnson, Conrad A. Mar 1, 2003 32534
Real-estate agency owners win liability protection in Supreme Court. Brownstein, Andrew Mar 1, 2003 399
High Court examines whether agency owner is liable for employee's discrimination. Brownstein, Andrew Feb 1, 2003 667
Corporate question: could you be personally liable for discrimination under the Fair Housing Act? The U.S. Supreme Court must decide. (Scales of Justice). Rice, Alison Feb 1, 2003 862
In search of fair housing in cyberspace: the implications of the Communications Decency Act for fair housing on the Internet. Chang, Jennifer C. Dec 1, 2002 21629
Supreme Court preview. (Looking at the Law). Williams, Charles F. Oct 1, 2002 3924
Fair is fair. Or is it? (In Session). Druckman, Amanda Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 358
Better living here in Allentown: Steve Black and other local activists shepherd the passage of antidiscrimination protections in the heart of blue-collar America. (Behind the Headlines). Bull, Chris Interview May 28, 2002 661
Immigrant landlords allegedly practice bias. (Legislative Update). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 148
The prosecution won't rest: Washington law group fights housing discrimination. (Buying Power). Jackson, Lee Anna Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 638
Fair-housing report. (Government Relations). Vollmer, Douglas Jan 1, 2002 463
Alleged racial steering case dismissed. Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 112
ZERO TOLERANCE CHALLENGED. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 102
Visible Minorities and Urban Analysis. Bauder, Harald Jun 22, 2001 7169
Housing Segregation: Causes, Effects, Possible Cures. Orfield, Gary Apr 1, 2001 271
Reasonable accommodation or nuisance? Service animals for the disabled. Blandon, Elizabeth Mar 1, 2001 3066
PUNCH LIST. Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 197
Beware the 'word police'. BUFFINGTON, MIKE Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 668
Wake-up Call. Herrion, John P. Aug 1, 2000 1027
Whiteness and remedy: under-ruling civil rights in Walker v. City of Mesquite. Mahoney, Martha R. Jul 1, 2000 24378
Discrimination OK Under `Charitable Choice,' Rep. Souder Concedes. May 1, 2000 427
DESIGNING for the DISABLED. Kitay, Theresa L. Mar 1, 2000 1984
One Nation, But Not Equal. EVANS, R.E. BLAKE Feb 1, 2000 903
Fair Housing Clarifications Helpful to Local Officials. Whitman, Cameron Brief Article Sep 20, 1999 509
HUD Withdraws (Un)Fair Housing Rule. Whitman, Cameron Brief Article Apr 19, 1999 482
Fair housing - condo style. Seng, Michael P. Nov 1, 1998 1849
Integration as a two-way street. Sing, James J. Case Note Nov 1, 1998 3056
Fair housing reform responds to municipal concerns. Whitman, Cameron Apr 6, 1998 507
Do real estate brokers choose to discriminate? Evidence from the 1989 housing discrimination study. Yinger, John Apr 1, 1998 10687
Government Relations. VOLLMER, DOUGLAS Mar 1, 1998 631
Architecture. BEASLEY, KIM Feb 1, 1998 666
Prejudice still a big factor in housing. Apr 1, 1997 499
Local officials voice concerns, get advice on fair housing. Whitman, Cameron Mar 18, 1996 1251
A matter of wording. Reina, Laura Jan 27, 1996 640
The fair lending laws and their enforcement. Walter, John R. Sep 22, 1995 6960
Getting away with murder: segregation and violent crime in urban America. Massey, Douglas S. May 1, 1995 11675
Racialized space and the culture of segregation: "hewing a stone of hope from a mountain of despair."(Symposium - Shaping American Communities: Segregation, Housing & the Urban Poor) Calmore, John O. May 1, 1995 17271
Comment on Douglas S. Massey's 'Getting away with murder: segregation and violent crime in urban America.' (in this issue, p. 1203)(Symposium - Shaping American Communities: Segregation, Housing & the Urban Poor) DiIulio, John J., Jr. May 1, 1995 3712
Intentional racial discrimination and segregation by the federal government as a principal cause of concentrated poverty: a response to Schill and Wachter. Roisman, Florence Wagman May 1, 1995 12407
Housing and the justification of school segregation. Orfield, Gary May 1, 1995 3367
Response to Gary Orfield. Glazer, Nathan May 1, 1995 2873

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